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Fire Contractor License

Fire Contractor License

Fire Contractor means a person that undertakes or performs, with or for another, any fire installation, alteration, repair or other work in the city for which a permit issued under the city fire code from the city is required under this code.

But this term does not include subcontractors working for and under the supervision of a fire contractor licensed under this chapter or a homeowner performing work upon the owner’s residence, or a building or structure accessory thereto, which is intended for the owner’s personal use.

License Required

  • No person shall perform any work as a fire contractor in the city without first obtaining a fire contractor license from the city manager under this chapter.
  • No fire permit shall be issued for work to be done by a person who does not have a valid, current fire contractor license as required by this chapter that covers the type of work to be performed.

Application for Fire Contractor License

  • Complete a City of Boulder Contractor Licensing Application.
  • Provide a current copy of a Certificate of Insurance as required by BRC 4-1-8.
  • Pay the annual licensing fees as required by BRC 4-20-56 or for Class H, BRC 4-20-13.

Classifications of Fire Contractor License

  • *Class A: entitles the licensee to undertake or perform any work covered by the city fire code fire sprinkler systems. The annual fee for a Class A license is that prescribed by Section 4-20-13, “Mechanical Contractor License and Mechanical Permit Fees,” B.R.C. 1981.
  • Class B: entitles the licensee to undertake or perform hood extinguishing system installations and servicing.
  • *Class C: entitles the licensee to undertake or perform fire alarm system installations and servicing.
  • Class D: entitles the licensee to undertake or perform special hazard system installations and servicing.
  • Class E: entitles the licensee to undertake or perform hand or portable fire extinguisher installations and servicing.

*NOTE: All installers of fire alarm systems shall be licensed as low voltage wire installers by the State of Colorado. All line voltage work, when necessary on a fire alarm system, shall be completed by a State of Colorado licensed electrician.

Obtaining a Fire Contractor License testing

An examination is given to the fire contractor who is submitting the application for a fire contractor’s license, classes A, B, C, D, and E. Testing is conducted every second Wednesday of each month on a first-come basis.

Applicants must call the Fire Department at 303-441-3350 to sign up for a test date. Applicants should call at least one month in advance to reserve a test application. Testing is administered by the Boulder Fire Department located at 1805 33rd St., second floor. Separate tests are offered for the following licenses:

  • Class A - Fire Sprinkler Design and Installation.
  • Class B - Special Suppression System Design and Installation.
  • Class C - Fire Alarm Design and Installation.
  • Class D - Special Suppression System Design and Installation.
  • Class E - Portable Fire Extinguishers.

There is no limit as to how many candidates may test for each company. The cost for testing is $30 per applicant and is due one week in advance of testing. Typically there is a waiting list to take the test each month.

If payment is not received in the required time frame, the candidate will forfeit the testing, and the next applicant on the list will be given the opportunity to test. Payment must be by check and made payable to the City of Boulder Fire Department.

Each test consists of 50 questions. The applicant has three hours to complete the test. All tests, except a portion of the Fire Sprinkler Installers test, are open-book tests. Test results will be available one week from the test date. In order to pass the test, a score of at least 74 percent is necessary.

If an applicant does not pass the test, a second test may be taken the following month. There will be a $30 retest fee for each test. The test applicant is allowed to discuss test results with the Boulder Fire Department Fire Prevention Office.

Change in test applicant

If the tested applicant is no longer associated with your company, please contact the Fire Department at 303-441-1982 to arrange a date for your new applicant to take the license examination. Fire contractors license classes A through E must maintain a tested applicant for the life of the license. Test applicants can only represent one company.

Change in business name

If your business name has changed since your last renewal, a request to change the name on the license must be submitted in writing. This request should be on letterhead with the current name of the company and be accompanied with a current certificate of insurance. If you start a new business, all new license requirements must be met.

Transfer of test applicant

You may transfer a test applicant from one company to another once per calendar year without the applicant having to retest.


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