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Green Building and Green Points Program

Green Building and Green Points Program


*Effective May 8, 2017 - All new residential projects must comply with the 2017 City of Boulder Energy Conservation Code* The Green Building Green Points system is no longer a city requirement for projects.  All energy efficiency, and green building requirements are found in the new energy code.  For more information click  here

The Green Building and Green Points Program encourages the use of sustainable remodeling and building methods and technologies to conserve energy, water and other natural resources. The Green Points Program applies to all new residential construction, and additions and remodels larger than 500 square feet.

The purpose of the Green Points Program is to:

  • help homeowners find the products and designs for building "green;"
  • encourage Boulder homeowners to include cost-effective and sustainable remodeling and building methods that conserve fossil fuels, water and other natural resources;
  • promote the recycling of construction materials and reduce solid waste; and
  • promote better indoor air quality.

This program requires applicants to earn "points" by selecting green building measures in order to receive a building permit.

Green Points Ordinance

Ordinance 7565 (Green Building and Green Points Program) was adopted by Boulder City Council on Nov. 13, 2007 and went into effect on Feb. 1, 2008.

Key Changes to Building Codes

  • Energy Efficiency Standards have been updated above the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Requirements vary according to size.
  • Building projects requiring a demolition permit and are classified as "entire structure" demolition will need to complete a Deconstruction/Construction Waste Recycling Plan before a permit is issued. This requirement may also apply to remodels and scrape-offs.
  • Council adopted Ordinance No. 7621 amending the Green Building and Green Points Program. This ordinance added requirements related to energy efficiency thresholds for remodels and additions, demolition, boilers and windows.
  • Council adopted Ordinances 7620, 7622 and 7623 to increase energy efficiency in commercial construction and residential remodels and additions. This Council action also involved amending the "Building Code" to adopt minor changes related to the expiration of permits, and adopting the 2008 National Electrical Code (NEC) with minor local amendments.
  • Council adopted two new ordinances as part of the proposed changes to the Green Points Program, Ordinance No. 7565, which were added to the B.R.C. and became active on Feb. 1, 2008. Along with the adoption of the Green Points ordinances, the following building codes were adopted by Ordinance No. 7566, locally amended on Oct. 30, 2007 and went into effect on Jan. 2, 2008.

The City of Boulder periodically updates its construction codes to maintain the balance between safety and cost and to protect life and property, while advancing green building standards and sustainable development practices.