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If Your Permit Is Denied

If Your Permit Is Denied

If your permit application is denied, you will receive a review comments letter containing:

  • A list of review comments concerning your application
  • Instructions on what you will need to do to resubmit your application
  • A resubmittal due date

Resubmitting your permit application

If you are going to resubmit your permit application, you need to read the review comments letter carefully and follow all instructions.

Resubmittal requirements
You must provide a written response to your review comments letter that explains how you responded to each point in your resubmittal.

Please Note: You have 180 days to get your permit application approved before it expires. This includes resubmittals. If 180 days pass from the day of your initial payment, your permit application will expire, and you will need to start over with new documentation and application forms. You may apply for an extension to your 180-day limit by contacting the Chief Building Official at 303-441-1880, or [email protected] You must obtain the extension before the permit expires.

Resubmittals do not get priority over other permit applications in the review process. It is in your best interest to turn in your resubmittal as soon as you are able, once you have all documents, forms and your written response ready.

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