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Permit Status Report

View permit statuses, inspections and approval documents on the Customer Self-Service Portal.

View construction use tax reconciliation by entering the permit number found on the fee receipt, Permit Placard or Inspection Record Card (example: PMT2005-31536).

Permit Status

Enter a permit number in the form above to see construction use tax reconciliation information related to that permit.


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Example permit status messages

These following six messages are examples of the status of the permit as it progresses through Planning & Development Services and the Tax and License Division reconciliation processes. Messages No.1 and No.2 are from Planning & Development Services (P&DS). All other messages are from the Finance Department.

1. Permit has been issued

If the final contract price or final project cost is $20,000 or more and the building permit was issued on or after July 1, 2010, then a project reconciliation must be completed with the City of Boulder Finance department. These projects may be audited. The Project Cost Reconciliation Returns forms and instructions are available at the Construction Use Tax website. Refer to the Forms and Handouts links on the right-hand side of the website. Please direct any questions about use tax to the City of Boulder Finance department.

2. Permit is complete and has a Certificate of Occupancy or is shown as "No Certificate of Occupancy Required"

A reconciliation return is due to the city within 90 days, on or before 08/15/2011. For reconciliation forms and instructions go the Construction Use Tax website.

3. Reconciliation Return due

For reconciliation forms and instructions go to the Construction Use Tax website.

Project Completion Date: 05/04/2011

Reconciliation Return Due Date: 08/02/2011

Reconciliation Return Status: RETURN DUE

A reconciliation return is due to the city within 90 days of the Permit Completion date reflected above. In order to avoid penalty and interest charges when tax is due, the reconciliation must be filed and any tax due paid by the due date indicated.

4. Reconciliation Return received and in-progress

For reconciliation forms and instructions go to the Construction Use Tax website.

Project Completion Date: 04/01/2011

Reconciliation Return Due Date: 06/30/2011

Reconciliation Return Status: Return Received & In Process

The Boulder Finance department has receive your reconciliation and it is under review. The city will contact you if additional information is needed. Once all information necessary to confirm the accuracy of the return has been provided, the city will move the project to a CLOSED status. Some projects will be selected for audit. Most projects are closed within three weeks of receipt of the return.

5. Reconciliation Return past due

For reconciliation forms and instructions go to the Construction Use Tax website.

Project Completion Date: 02/15/2011

Reconciliation Return Due Date: 05/16/2011

Reconciliation Return Status: PAST DUE

The city has not received a reconciliation return for this permit; please file the reconciliation immediately. Since the reconciliation was not timely files, if tax is owed, a 10 percent penalty and interest of 1 percent per month must be added to and paid with the tax due. If a reconciliation return is not filed, legal action may be taken by the city as provided within the Boulder Revised Code.

If your company was a subcontractor under the permit of a general contractor, the general contractor should file a reconciliation return for the entire project. However, if the general contractor did not pull a permit or fails to file the reconciliation and the amount billed to the general contractor by your company was $20,000 or more, your company will need to file a reconciliation for the work performed under this permit.

6. Reconciliation return complete

For reconciliation forms and instructions go to the Construction Use Tax website.

Project Completion Date: 02/28/2011

Reconciliation Return Due Date: 05/29/2011

Reconciliation Return Status: CLOSED

Thank you for filing your return. It has been reviewed and moved to a CLOSED status. If the return resulted in a refund, you should receive payment within 2-3 weeks. No future action is necessary.