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Rental Housing Licensing

Rental Housing Licensing

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EnerGov is Now Available!

Customers can now access the city's new permitting, licensing and land management system. Follow the link below to set up a Customer Self-Service account (CSS).  When creating a CSS account, please use the email address you provided on your rental housing license application. For those with questions on how to set up an account, please review the user guide Learn more about EnerGov.

Customer Self-Service Portal


  • The SmartRegs ordinances require all standard long-term rental housing in Boulder to meet a basic energy efficiency standard by 2019. 
  • Properties must be compliant prior to application submittal for a rental housing license beginning in 2019.
  • Any rental license that expires 12/31/2018 due to SmartRegs non-compliance and/or unpaid program fees will be subject to enforcement action if the property is found to be a rental. 
  • Any rental license that expires 12/31/2018 due to SmartRegs non-compliance will be required to reapply for a rental license, with a complete application packet including current inspection forms, after reaching SmartRegs compliance. All program fees will apply.

Outdoor Lighting Ordinance

Learn how to ensure you are compliant with the Outdoor Lighting Ordinance before your inspection.

Boulder Revised Code

Tenants, landlords, and the city all play a role in the implementation of this community program.

The city's Boulder Revised Code and Property Maintenance Code require all rental properties in Boulder to maintain a valid rental license. The code also establishes minimum standards for the use and safe occupancy of dwellings to protect, preserve, and promote the physical and mental health of its residents.

The Rental License code states that obtaining a rental license is the responsibility of the property owner. The discovery of an unlicensed rental property will result in legal action.

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Rental Housing Minimum Standards

The Rental Housing program seeks to preserve public safety by establishing minimum standards for the basic equipment and facilities associated with rental properties, including:

  • lighting, ventilation and heating;
  • fire safety;
  • the use and amount of space for human occupancy; and
  • the safe and sanitary maintenance of dwellings.


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