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Rental Housing Licensing Inspections

Rental Housing Licensing Inspections

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Rental Housing Minimum Standards

The Rental Housing program seeks to preserve public safety by establishing minimum standards for the basic equipment and facilities associated with rental properties, including:

  • lighting, ventilation and heating;
  • fire safety;
  • the use and amount of space for human occupancy; and
  • the safe and sanitary maintenance of dwellings.

Baseline Inspection pdf​ is required to:

  • license a new standard, or long-term, rental property;
  • renew a license after the previous license has expired; or
  • renew a license when ownership has changed during the four-year licensing period.

Renewal Inspection pdf is required to:

  • renew a standard license that has not expired for a property that has not had a change of ownership during the four-year licensing period.

A SmartRegs Inspection is required for:

  • a prescriptive pathway for rental units working towards compliance with energy efficiency requirements;
  • most long term rental properties built prior to 2002; and
  • any other long term rental unit that is not SmartRegs compliant.

All of the criteria for both the Baseline and Renewal inspections is available in the Rental Housing + SmartRegs Handbook pdf.

Companies Licensed to Perform Both Baseline and Renewal Inspections*

Company Name Address Phone
Abacus Inspection Service 248 S. Madison Ave. - Louisville, CO 80027 303-554-5840
Case Inspection Services 1005 W. 7 th Ave. - Broomfield, CO 80020 303-439-2427
Davis Inspection Services 590 Bow Mountain Rd. - Boulder, CO 80304 303-588-1956
Home-Spec Inspections, LLC 902 Sleepy Hollow Rd. - Golden, CO 80401 720-746-0103
Independent Services 913 E. 5 th Ave. - Longmont, CO 80501 303-651-3599
MSE Inspections 4738 McKinley Dr. - Boulder, CO 80303 303-499-3163
Rocky Mountain Inspections, LLC 500 Manhattan Dr, A2 - Boulder, CO 80303 303-588-9020
Roberts and Sons 7920 Grasmere Dr. - Boulder, CO 80301 303-581-9937
Scott Home Inspection 3728 West CR 10 - Berthoud, CO 80513 303-373-2424

*This is not an all-inclusive list of companies and people that are officially licensed by the city to perform both inspections. Please consult the Yellow Pages or search online to learn about others who may be able to help. You should always ask the company or person if they are officially licensed by the city to perform the necessary inspections.

Rental Inspection FAQs

  • What inspections do I need to get licensed?

A Baseline Inspection is needed for: a rental property that has never been licensed before; a rental property whose previous license has expired; or a transfer of ownership.

When renewing a rental license, renewal inspection compliance verification forms must be completed and signed by a licensed inspector and the owner or agent.

  • What do the inspections include and who does them?

Inspections are done by private inspection companies. Re-inspections may be required if there are items to be repaired. If the property is in compliance, the inspector will inform you at the inspection site and will provide a signed inspection compliance verification form. 

View the list of this page for information about companies licensed to perform both baseline and renewal Inspections. Before hiring any company to perform the inspections, ask the company to ensure that their licenses are current with the city, as the city's lists are not verified on a daily basis.

Charges for the inspection depend on the policies of the licensed rental housing inspector that you have contracted with. Prices vary - please compare prices between companies.

All information on the necessary inspections can be found in the  Rental License + SmartRegs Handbook pdf.

Baseline Inspection

The Baseline Inspection pdf consists of four parts.

1.            General Life Safety Requirements
2.            Plumbing Facilities and Fixture Requirements
3.            Mechanical and Electrical Requirements
4.            Fire Safety Requirements

Renewal Inspection

The Renewal Inspection pdf consists of four parts.

1.            General Life Safety Requirements
2.            International Property Maintenance Code Appendix C: Energy Efficiency Requirements
3.            Mechanical Requirements
4.            Electrical Requirements

  • What if I can't get an inspection completed in time?

If you are unable to have the baseline or safety inspection completed by the date on your rental license new/renewal form, please call the Rental Housing Licensing Office at 303-441-3152 to request a time extension for completion of these items.

  • My inspections are a few months old - can I still use them?

Yes, inspections are considered current if they were done within the last 12 months.

  • Who do I talk to when I have a question about a repair requirement?

A contractor licensed in the City of Boulder can assist you with determining the cost and extent of the repair work.

  • How are fees for the private housing inspection companies determined?

The city is not a party to the contract so is not involved in setting the fee. It is up to the property owner to hire the inspector and negotiate a price for the service.

  • What are the requirements to become licensed as a City of Boulder rental housing inspector?

Visit the Contractor Licensing page to learn more.

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