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Right-of-Way Contractor License

Right-of-Way Contractor License

License required

No developer, contractor, or subcontractor shall perform any work affecting public property, rights-of-way, grounds, any city-owned utility system, or any other utility system or in the street right-of-way or utility easement, whether or not the work is performed for the city, without first obtaining a right-of-way contractor license from the city before commencing any such work.

Application for Right-of-Way Contractor License

  1. Complete a City of Boulder Contractor Licensing Application
  2. Provide a current copy of a Certificate of Insurance as required by BRC 4-1-8.
  3. Pay the annual licensing fees as required by BRC 4-20-6.

The applicant shall provide a bond:

  1. To secure performance of the work authorized by the license
    • in accordance with the standards and specifications of the city
  • in a safe manner that protects employees and members of the public
  • within the time required for completion
  • To provide necessary repairs to existing improvements damaged during the licensee's work
  • To maintain the work during the two years after it is accepted by the city


  • Every Right-of-Way contractor licensed by the city shall maintain at all times the insurance prescribed by Section 4-1-10, “Revocation of Licenses,” B.R.C. 1981.
  • If work undertaken by the licensee may require blasting, explosive conditions, or underground operations, the comprehensive general liability insurance shall cover blasting, collapse of buildings, and damage to adjacent property.
  • The licensee shall maintain the required insurance throughout the period of the contract work and maintenance responsibility.
  • In addition to the insurance required in this section, the city may require, before or after the license is issued, insurance protection for a hazard peculiar to the particular project.

Contractor responsibilities

  • The licensed contractor is responsible for all work performed under its contract, whether or not the contractor, an employee, or a subcontractor performs the work.
  • A Right-of-Way contractor licensed under this chapter shall comply with all standards for construction in the public rights of way prescribed by the City of Boulder Design and Construction Standards.
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