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Alpine-Balsam: Resources

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Explore the Resources section of this site to find a collection of informational and multimedia materials that tell the story of the Alpine-Balsam site and provide shareable materials that you can use to help spread the word about this important project.

Featured Content

City selects consulting firms to help with site visioning process

The planning work is just getting started and will involve extensive public participation over the next few years that will inform changes to the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) and ultimately how the site will be used. The Alpine-Balsam project presents a unique opportunity to help ensure that future redevelopment of the site fits the community’s vision and goals and enhances the character of the neighborhood.

To support the early stages of this work, the City of Boulder has engaged Mithun, a Seattle-based design firm, as well as Boulder firms re-architecture and Trestle Strategy Group. They will help the city work with the community to prepare an overall vision for the Alpine-Balsam site that can both accommodate new city facilities and a range of additional public and private uses.

This work (rooted in both research and community input) will produce planning and design principles, ideas for the BVCP, and set the foundation to guide future discussions about how to use the site. This phase will also include public outreach events that will occur this fall and the winter of 2017, which will focus on the site’s connections with the surrounding neighborhood and community as a whole.

The public will also be asked to comment on how they access and engage with city government and what they value in these interactions. This input will inform the vision for city facilities at the Alpine-Balsam site and the Civic Area, with the goal of improving service delivery and civic engagement.

In the meantime, the city will continue a “storytelling” outreach campaign to share information about the project and to gather the community’s stories and memories of the site.

Project Library

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Project News

[link id="31188" text=" July 15, 2016 - New Planning and Engagement Phase Begins"]

[link id="28716" text=" Dec. 4, 2015 - Closing of Deal"]

[link id="27630" text=" Oct. 29, 2015 - City Secures Favorable Interest Rate to Acquire Boulder Community Health Hospital Site"]

[link id="26253" text=" Jul. 14, 2015 - Special Meeting"]




BCH Broadway Videos

Inside Boulder News - Alpine-Balsam Project

This video is a segment from the September 2, 2016 episode of Inside Boulder News. For more Inside Boulder visit

Inside Boulder News - Alpine-Balsam Project

This video is a segment from the July 22, 2016 episode of Inside Boulder News. For more Inside Boulder visit

Inside Boulder News - Boulder Community Health Site Purchase

This video is a segment from the December 11, 2015 episode of Inside Boulder News. For more Inside Boulder visit

Inside Boulder News - Boulder Community Health Purchase

This video is a segment from the November 6, 2015 episode of Inside Boulder. For more Inside Boulder visit

Inside Boulder News - Hospital Purchase Approved

This video is a segment from the July 17, 2015 episode of Inside Boulder News. For more Inside Boulder News visit

Related City Council Materials

Learn about City Council's role in the decision to move forward on the acquisition of the Boulder Community Hospital campus. The drop-down menu below lists City Council documents about the BCH acquisition process, including study session memos, ordinances and meeting minutes. Links are also available below to video of the City Council meetings and Channel 8 news stories related to the BCH acquisition.

Date Meeting Documents Summary
6/16/2015 City Council Study Session City Council Agenda item first discussing the Boulder Community Hospital option. The Boulder Civic Area team sought direction from Council Members on whether the City of Boulder should submit a bid to acquire the BCH site on Broadway and Balsam. Council Members advised staff to submit an initial offer by the June 30th deadline.
7/14/2015 City Council Special Session

This special session of the Boulder City Council was called on short notice to allow Council Members to vote to approve the acquisition of the BCH site at Broadway and Balsam.

The Executive Summary and the Boulder Municipal Property Authority Agenda contain information on the Issuance of Certificates of Participation.

8/27/2015 City Council Special Session Discussion of Boulder Community Health Phase I Environmental Assessment at beginning of Boulder City Council Special Session. Members gave the City Attorney the authority to negotiate a extension with Boulder Community Health on the $3 million earnest money deadline. The city needs the additional time to complete environmental assessments at the BCH campus site. This extension does NOT effect the timetable to complete the purchase transaction by mid-December.
9/15/2015 City Council Meeting The Boulder City Council authorized the sale of up to $41 million in certificates of participation to use towards the final purchase of the Boulder Community Health/Broadway Campus purchase and redevelopment.

 City Council Meeting



This memo provides an update on all three aspect of the Alpine Balsam project, highlights their inter-relationships and timing, and receives council feedback on key findings, recommendations and planned next steps for the remainder of 2016 and 2017. 



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