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Alpine-Balsam: The Process

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A Multi-year Project

Alpine-Balsam will be a multi-year effort to:

  • Understand the former BCH site
  • Identify options for transforming it to meet future needs
  • Choose redevelopment options that are consistent with the community’s vision and goals. Your ideas are essential.

Review Preliminary Guiding Principles

The activities at the Jan. 18 community workshop were based on preliminary guiding principles that have been developed from community feedback. You can now review outcomes pdf of the workshop.  These draft principles are also subject to feedback at the event and online. The input that informed the principles, from the project's storytelling phase, previous community engagement events, and online questionnaire, is also posted on the Get Involved section of the project webpage. The preliminary principles:

  • Create a place with a vibrant mix of uses
  • Build in affordability and sustainability
  • Respect and respond to the sites; physical environment

The conversations and input from the Jan. 18 community workshop were documented and made available for consideration at a Jan. 19 joint board workshop (Planning Board, Transportation Advisory Board and the Design Advisory Board). Council members had an opportunity to review the themes, approaches, and input received from these activities, and they will share their own ideas at the Feb. 28 City Council study session.

Working Together to Finalize a Vision and Guiding Principles

The intent is that the community, council, boards and commissions, and city staff will work together to confirm a vision and guiding principles, and to identify community values and priorities regarding the mix and mass of potential uses for the site. The community will review and comment on the analysis of this work during a spring open house. At its May 2 meeting, council will have an opportunity to review and approve the guiding principles and vision for the site as part of the site design guidelines and the Central Broadway Corridor Design Framework.

Below is the proposed vision for the Alpine-Balsam site:

“Alpine-Balsam is envisioned as a vibrant multigenerational hub for community life and city services – a welcoming and inclusive new model for affordable sustainable living.”

Guiding Principles for Alpine-Balsam site include:

  • Create a place with a vibrant mix of uses.
  • Create a node of activity along the Broadway corridor.
  • Build in affordability and sustainability.
  • Respect and respond to the site’s physical environment.
  • Engage process innovations in project planning, design and delivery

Next Steps

Following this phase of work, more detailed planning will be necessary to prepare feasibility studies, develop area or site plans, plan and design facilities, and identify the specific implementation methods to achieve the vision and redevelopment of the site (e.g., regulations, standards, financing strategies, partnerships, etc.).

Learn how the City of Boulder is exploring if it will reuse or not reuse the existing Boulder Community Hospital main building and the Medical Pavilion

Alpine Balsam Process Map


What's New

  • Check out the  Get Involved  section for summaries of public feedback the team has collected so far.

  • Review the Nov. 15, 2016  memo to City Council  that includes an update about the Alpine-Balsam project.

See the Alpine-Balsam project timeline pdf

BCH Engagement Process


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