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Bee Boulder Films


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Learning to See Film Learning to See: The World of Insects  

Sunday, Sept. 18 at 1 p.m. • Boulder Public Library Canyon Theater • Free Admission

Join us for the Colorado premier of Jake Oelman's Learning to See: The World of Insects. Jerry Aronson, a producer/writer of Learning to See, award winning filmmaker and a producer of Chasing Ice, will take questions from the audience after the screening, along with Dr. Deane Bowers, Professor, Museum Curator on Entomology and Chair of the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department at the University of Colorado.

This documentary tells the inspiring story of photographer, Robert Oelman, who leaves a psychology career in the early 1990s and moves from the United States to Colombia during the height of Colombian drug violence to start a new life. Not yet clear about where this new life will lead him, he purchases a small farm in the hills and begins to photograph people, perfects photographing hummingbirds and eventually finds a new passion in photographing the myriad of beautiful and often cryptic insects in the forests of the Amazon Basin - many of which are the first known sightings of their species. Oelman shows us the sobering reality that many of these incredible creatures will be extinct before humans know they exist, placing ecosystems, the web of life and humans in peril.

View the trailer. 

Oelman's photographs are recognized for their scientific merit in aiding researchers to identify new insect species, as well as being works of art in themselves. Learn more about Robert Oelman's work at his website

Read an interesting article about the making of the film.

Hometown Habitat Film

Hometown Habitat, Stories of Bringing Nature Home

Sunday, Sept. 11 at 1 p.m. • Boulder Public Library Canyon Theater • Free Admission

Hometown Habitat, Stories of Bringing Nature Home features renowned entomologist Dr. Douglas Tallamy, whose research, books and lectures on the use of non-native plants in landscaping, sound the alarm about habitat and species loss. Tallamy provides the narrative thread that challenges the notion that humans are here and nature is someplace else. Tallamy says, “It doesn't’t have to, and shouldn't’t be that way.” 

Producer/Director, Catherine Zimmerman and film crew spent two years traveling the country to visit Hometown Habitat heroes. Their inspiring stories of community commitment to conservation landscaping illustrate Tallamy’s vision by showing how humans and nature can co-exist with mutual benefits. 

Zimmerman shares these success stories and works in progress, that re-awaken and redefine our relationship with Nature. The goal: Build a new army of habitat heroes and make natural landscaping the new landscaping norm.  

After the screening, Don Ireland and Jamie Weiss of the Audubon Society’s Habitat Hero Program, who both appear in the film, Amy Yarger, Horticultural Director of the Butterfly Pavilion and Deryn Davidson, Colorado State University Horticulure Extension Agent, will answer your questions about how to make our communities a haven for pollinators, birds and other wildlife.

View the trailer.