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Boulder Business Recovery Program

Boulder Business Recovery Program

The City of Boulder recognizes COVID-19’s significant impact on local businesses. In response to the pandemic, the city created the Boulder Business Recovery Program, enabling businesses to expand outside to help offset capacity limits put in place under the state’s COVID-19 Dial Dashboard. The latest version of this citywide program aims to help businesses stay open this winter by enhancing the outdoor expansion through the earlier of Oct. 31, 2021 or the lifting of capacity restrictions. The extension makes room for temporary structures and heating elements to make being outdoors more comfortable when the temperature drops.

To support the program, the city has currently closed several streets, including Pearl Street between 9th and 11th streets, 10th Street from Pearl Street north to the alley south of Spruce Street and Pennsylvania Avenue between 13th Street and the alley.  

The program is available citywide. View  the map  of locations already participating in the Boulder Business Recovery Program.

***Scroll to the bottom of this page for program application ***

Feb. 5, 2021 - 5 Star Business Variance Program Applications Open

The Boulder County 5 Star Administrative Committee has opened applications for the 5 Star Certification Program. More information, including the application link and resources, is available on Boulder County’s 5 Star Certification Program website.

For the city's full list of small business information related to COVID-19, visit the city's COVID-19 Business Resource webpage. 

More Information

We want your application to be successful the first time you apply so you can start using your space right away. Depending on your situation, different documents are required. Read through the items carefully to determine which documents you will need to upload.

Read the Boulder Business Recovery application guide

Every application requires:

  • A description of your temporary outdoor expansion area
  • The date and time you'll be ready for inspection


NOTE: If you plan to serve alcohol in the temporary expansion area, an additional application is required. A link to the liquor modification application is provided directly from the outdoor expansion application. 

If your temporary outdoor expansion area:

Enters public right-of-way (e.g., sidewalk, tree lawn, street parking spaces, etc.), you must attest to having the proper insurance. Enters private property (e.g., parking lot, open areas around a building), you must upload a property or landlord consent (email or letter is okay):   Example of property or landlord consent Enters the neighboring business’s street frontage or private property (e.g., parking lot, open areas around a building) you must upload your neighboring business consent (email or letter is okay):    Example of neighboring business consent
  • View   the map   of Boulder Business Recovery Program locations
  • Video (click the image below to view a video about the program)

Set Up Your Space Using the Inspection Checklist

We recommend using the Inspection Checklist pdf to set up your area. It will be what the Inspector will use when they come to check compliance and all applicable items are mandatory .

  • For a answers to specific questions, reference the  Frequently Asked Questions   pdf . Use CTRL+F to search the document for specific terms.

As part of its efforts to support local businesses recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Boulder is offering a Curbside Pick-Up Zone program through the earlier of Oct. 31, 2021 or the lifting of capacity restrictions. The program converts some existing loading zones and other parking spaces in downtown Boulder and on University Hill for general curbside pick-up use. An online application for new curbside pick-up zones for businesses that are not in the vicinity of an existing zone is below. These curbside pick-up zones will be free of charge for 10 minutes to provide patrons and services enough time to pick-up orders, and will be clearly signed in English and Spanish.

Temporary outdoor events may be held on private property in accordance with guidance from Boulder County and the State of Colorado. Boulder County Public Health issued updated  guidance for special events  on August 12, 2020. Refer also to the State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s guidance on  Outdoor Events  and  Temporary Outdoor Structures for Restaurants and Events.

Event organizers are strongly encouraged to use virtual electronic platforms and alternative activities less conducive to public gatherings. Operators should continue to monitor guidance from the State of Colorado and Boulder County on allowable attendance/capacity, safety considerations, etc. An administrative review application is necessary to demonstrate compliance with the city’s land use code.


The HOP bus is currently being rerouted from Pearl Street onto Walnut Street between 15 th  and 20 th  streets through the earlier of Oct. 31, 2021 or the lifting of capacity restrictions to provide a better customer experience for east end retail businesses and restaurants.

Send an email:  [email protected]  

Programa de Recuperación de Empresas en Boulder

Gobierno municipal anuncia mejoras de inverno para el Programa de Recuperación de Negocios de Boulder 
El Gobierno de la ciudad de Boulder reconoce el impacto significativo que ha tenido la COVID-19 en los negocios locales. En respuesta a la pandemia, el gobierno municipal creó el Programa de Recuperación de Negocios de Boulder, permitiendo a las empresas expandirse a espacios exteriores y al aire libre para ayudar a compensar los límites de capacidad establecidos bajo la orden estatal "Más Seguros en Casa". La última versión de este programa tiene como objetivo ayudar a que los negocios permanezcan abiertos al público durante el invierno, mediante la expansión del programa hasta el 31 de octubre de 2021 o cuando se levanten las restricciones de aforo en espacios interiores. Estos cambios para invierno permiten que se coloquen estructuras temporales y calentadores para que sea más cómodo estar al aire libre durante la temporada de temperaturas bajas.

El programa se aplica a los negocios dentro de los límites de la ciudad. Aquí puede ver el mapa de los lugares que ya participan en el Programa de Recuperación de Negocios de Boulder. Visite la página web Recuperación de Negocios de Business para acceder a la solicitud para participar en el programa, ver el mapa de locales que ya participan, leer la lista de preguntas frecuentes y más.

Visite la página web del Programa de Recuperación de Empresas de Bouler (Boulder Business Recovery Program  para mayor información. Para información en español, vea la pestaña "Información para Empresas y Negocios" en la página de Recursos relacionados a COVID-19 o comuníquese con la Cámara de Comercio Latina del Condado de Boulder con Berenice Garcia Telle,   [email protected]   o 720-238-6799.

  • Plan de recuperación de empresas en Boulder: extensión temporal a espacios exteriores Lista de inspección.

Boulder Business Recovery Application