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Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan

Since the 1970s, the City of Boulder and Boulder County have jointly adopted the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) to guide planning and development. The BVCP is updated every five years to reflect current conditions and community values.

2015 Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Update

Today, Boulder is embarking on an exciting journey to update the BVCP pdf and identify our community’s shared values and future aspirations.

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BVCP Process Subcommittee

Wednesday, Aug. 19  ●  12 to 1 p.m.  ●  Municipal Building  ●  Fishbowl Conference Room (second floor)  ●  1777 Broadway

Boulder 2030

Monday, Aug. 31  ●  4 to 8 p.m.  ●  Chautauqua  ●  900 Baseline Rd.   ●  Family Activities  ●  Videos  ●  Presentations  ●  Drop In


Draft Subcommunity Fact Sheets


All four phases of the community engagement process pdf will offer many opportunities for community members to discuss critical issues, data, choices, and actions for the comprehensive plan.

Community Involvement in the BVCP Update (Through 2016)

Community involvement with the 2015 BVCP Update will be coordinated with the city's Neighborhood Liaison and other city planning initiatives. The city wants your ideas to help shape the community engagement plan!

Community Engagement Plan pdf

Objectives for Community Engagement
Develop an inclusive, two-way engagement process with multiple opportunities for community participation - using neighborhood and small group meetings; digital platforms; and other creative approaches (e.g., mobile planning and portable meetings) to ensure that a diversity of perspectives are represented.

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Phase 1 - Foundations and Community Engagement Plan (Through June 2015)

Community Engagement Plan pdf

•  Create a foundations trends report.
•  Initiate community engagement.
•  Analyze and summarize the Residential Growth Management System.
•  Conduct a resilience analysis.
•  Identify objectives and metrics.

Phase 2 - Issues Scoping with Community (Through Summer 2015)

Extensive community engagement will be leveraged to accomplish the tasks listed below.

•  Confirm issues and focus
•  Identify Issues
•  Refine overall scope of work and schedule of meetings.

Phase 3 - Analyze and Update Plan Policies and Maps (Through Early 2016)

Extensive community engagement will be leveraged to accomplish the tasks listed below.

•  Verify vision
•  Formulate policy options
•  Land use/urban form
•  Analyze choices
•  Add metrics
•  Develop preferred directions
•  Resilience strategy

Phase 4 - Adopt and Implement Plan (2016)

Extensive community engagement will be leveraged to accomplish the tasks listed below.

•  Develop actions and strategies
•  Draft plan

Post Plan - Code Amendments and Intergovernmental Agreement (2016 and Beyond)

Extensive community engagement will be leveraged to accomplish the tasks listed below.

•  Prepare code amendments to implement the plan.
•  Extend Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Boulder County

Other Considerations

Comprehensive Development Plan Intergovernmental Agreement

The Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the City of Boulder and Boulder County to coordinate planning and land regulation expires on Dec. 31, 2017. Each party agrees to hold a public hearing to determine if the IGA should be extended an additional five years.

Resilience Strategy

The city is also undertaking a parallel strategy to assess community resilience pdf. Early steps include:

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Develop City Context
  • Prepare Resilience Diagnostic
  • Begin Risk Opportunity Assessment

Coordinated Planning Initiatives

The 2015 BVCP Update is just one of the City of Boulder's many coordinated planning initiatives pdf.

Past Events and Community Feedback To-date


City Council set the priorities and phasing schedule for the BVCP Update at its January 2015 retreat.

Preparatory scoping for the 2015 BVCP Update began in late 2014 with a consultant assessment of the existing plan pdf and joint meeting with the Boulder City Council and Planning Board pdf and the Boulder County Board of Commissioners and Planning Commission pdf.

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