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Enforcement Activity Summary

This summary shows enforcement activity by the city occurring within the past 24 months relating to quality of life violations.

Search for property information by address. The search provides information from:

  • Planning and Development Services (P&DS) Code Compliance investigations
  • Boulder Police Department (BPD) Code Enforcement investigations
  • Bould Police Department County Court summonses
  • Municipal Court citations

The information provided in the report is updated daily.

Enter Address (example: 1777 Broadway)


All information listed is from the previous 24 months only. It does not imply an official disposition, finding of fault or an inference that the resident or owner of the listed address is criminally responsible for any violation or concern at this location. The actual recorded address may be approximate and may relate to an incident occurring in the adjacent right-of-way or in the vicinity of the actual recorded location. The information is subject to revision. Please contact the Boulder Police Department 303-441-3300, Municipal Court 303-441-1842, or P&DS Code Compliance Office 303-441-1880 for additional information.