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Regional Issues

The city closely tracks regional issues that, although not under the direct control of the city government, have a potential for direct and significant impact to the community. Below is a list of those issues followed by a brief summary of the topic, links to more information, and a listing of the city's representatives to any associated government committees that may exist.

Boulder Valley School District

The Boulder Valley School District operates a significant amount of school facilities within the city's geographical boundaries. Although a separate governmental entity with operational responsibilities extending far beyond the city limits, decisions made by the district can have a great impact on city residents. Consequently, the city is engaged in routine communications and collaborations with the district. On this page you will find a video interview with the current BVSD Superintdent discussing how the city and BVSD partner.

Council's current appointees to its "BVSD Issues Committee" are Council Members Morzel, Plass and Shoemaker. City Council's goals for future collaborations with the district are available in the related links section of this page.

Regional Transportation Issues

The city has been working with the Regional Transportation District (RTD), and other organizations (including the US36 Mayors and Commissioners Coalition and 36 Commuting Solutions), to advance the city’s Transportation Master Plan goals. Recent discussion topics have included updates on RTD’s fare structure policy and proposed US 36 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service plan. Other topics of discussion include the changes associated with the opening of the Boulder Junction transit station this summer; status of RTD’s work to deploy real-time transit information; availability of smart card data; new inter-regional FLEX Express service; and progress to-date on the Community wide Eco Pass program with Boulder County. A link to a memo recently provided to council on these matters is included on this page.

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