Water is vital to our individual health, collective agricultural needs and ecosystems. The City of Boulder is updating the Water Efficiency Plan (WEP) to provide guidance for the city’s Water Conservation Program.

Completion Date
End of 2023
Current Phase
Community Engagement

Project Overview

a close-up of water splashing with the city logo and text that says 2023 water efficiency plan update

The City of Boulder Utilities Department provides potable drinking water to approximately 120,000 residents and numerous businesses. The city’s Water Conservation Program is committed to helping city water customers use water more efficiently, eliminate leaks, reduce water costs and support sustainable practices.

The city is in the process of updating the Water Efficiency Plan (WEP). This plan provides guidance for implementing the city’s Water Conservation Program in a way that is compatible with:

  • The Colorado Water Plan
  • The city’s water supply system
  • Adopted water conservation goals
  • Community values

Water conservation is responsible water stewardship. It is defined as a beneficial reduction in water use, waste of water, and water loss. This project will support all the policies, programs and practices designed to help people change their behaviors and become champions of water efficiency.

Community Engagement

The community’s voice and feedback are a significant part of the Water Efficiency Plan update. Engagement opportunities were available in English and Spanish during 2023.

The city’s long-term community goals for water conservation include encouraging responsible water stewardship by using water efficiently, recognizing and preventing water waste, and increasing general understanding of the value of water.

Provide public comment on the draft plan

The City of Boulder is seeking feedback and comments from the public on the draft Water Efficiency Plan to ensure it reflects community values. The State Department of Natural Resources Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) requires the Water Efficiency Plan to be posted for 60 days for public comment and review. Comments received from community members will be reviewed for how they fit into the plan.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments. Your feedback helps us understand how we can better serve our community.

Provide feedback online:

Please provide any feedback you wish to share on city's Be Heard Boulder website by Nov. 20, 2023.

Provide feedback in person:

Paper copies of the draft plan, in English and Spanish, are also available at the city’s four libraries. Interested community members may provide their written feedback at any of these library locations.

Community members can also attend What's Up Boulder on Sept. 10 to share their feedback with staff on the Water Efficiency Plan and a variety of other city projects.


  • January to February – Plan & prepare

  • March to May – Engage the community

  • May to August – Develop Water Efficiency Plan

  • Fall 2023 – Public comment/review

  • End of 2023 Finalize plan and submit to CWCB

  • 2024 Begin implementing the plan


Questionnaire results are used to better understand how community members use water and value water and where we should focus our efforts around water conservation. Based on input, we may adjust certain water conservation goals or programs, or details of the water efficiency plan.

After the draft plan is available for public comment, feedback received from community members will be reviewed for how they fit into the draft plan before it is finalized.

The city is required by the State Department of Natural Resources Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) to update the WEP every seven years. The city’s water conservation goals, programs and other details may be adjusted based on findings from the update process and final recommendations.

To support community action toward conserving water and building local climate resilience, the city currently offers the following programs, tools and incentives: