Project Overview

The Accelerate Neighborhood Climate Action (ANCA) Boulder program brings community members together to design a climate action forum, create a climate action plan and connect to build a more resilient neighborhood.

The city is working with four pilot neighborhoods to support the development of community-scale climate action plans.

Participating Neighborhoods

The city selected four neighborhoods to participate in the 2021 pilot.

  • Goss Grove
  • Martin Acres
  • Melody - Catalpa
  • Sundance

“Connected communities are more resilient communities. Big disruptions like the pandemic or climate change touch all our lives, but the impacts aren’t felt equally. Resilient communities can help ensure that everyone is able to survive and thrive.”

ANCA Core Committee Members

David Ensign
Carolyn Hales
Andrew Markley
KJ McCorry
Thomas Ruprecht
Emily Sandoval, City Staff
David Takahashi
Sunny Walker, ANCA
Elizabeth Vasatka, City Staff

About ANCA

This program was inspired by a similar one begun in Chicago in 2013 where events were held in all 77 communities of neighborhoods across the city. A sharing of success stories among local leaders there culminated that initial work and is ongoing. Denver has held Climate Action Forums in 12 of their 79 neighborhoods producing 41 action plans. (To see a neighborhood’s planning documentation, go to and click on any one of the named neighborhoods.)