COVID-19 Work Projects

The Office of Arts and Culture and Create Boulder launched the Creative Neighborhood: COVID-19 Work Projects to support artists and bolster the “social infrastructure” of our community.

Project Overview

In the spirit of the Work Projects Administration of the 1930s, this program quickly delivers funding to artists who have lost gigs, had contracts or events canceled, been laid off, or have otherwise been put in a vulnerable position due to the necessary restrictions to control the COVID-19 Pandemic. At the same time, the projects will leverage the talent of artists to unite and vitalize our neighborhoods with the goal of either a) helping their neighbors stay connected during the restrictions, or b) after restrictions are lifted, helping people to reconnect, recover and adjust to new social conditions.Sixty-six projects were funded in 2020. Artists whose disciplines range from contemporary dance to visual art developed new work directly in response to the pandemic experience. Watch interviews with each artist to hear more about their creative work – interviews are organized by neighborhood below or you can visit the main map for brief introductions to all projects.

COVID-19 Projects map by Boulder area

Artist Interviews / Project Details

The public art website pages are currently under construction. For questions please contact


This project is part of the Creative Neighborhoods strategy found in the City of Boulder’s Community Cultural Plan, which includes the shared vision for culture: Together, we will craft Boulder’s social, physical, and cultural environment to include creativity as an essential ingredient for the well-being, prosperity, and joy of everyone in the community.

The Creative Neighborhoods: COVID-19 Work Projects are made possible through matching funds from Create Boulder, a Colorado non-profit arts advocacy organization founded in 2016 with the goal of leveraging support for the arts from the city of Boulder and stimulating both corporate and individual arts philanthropy.