About the Study

The purpose of the Downtown Boulder Station Study is to determine how the relocation and redevelopment of Boulder's premier transit station could best serve the needs of current and future transit riders.

  1. Community Engagement

  2. Plan

  3. Design

Current Phase

Project Overview

This study will develop recommendations for the location and design through technical analysis and community outreach.

In mid-2017, the project team, which includes staff from the City of Boulder, Boulder County, RTD and Via Mobility Services, began exploring and identifying potential sites that could accommodate future needs.

Findings & Next Steps

The site on the 1400 block of Canyon, originally identified in the 2007 FasTracks Local Optimization Facilities Study as a potential future site, rose to the top of the list for more in-depth analysis.

Through late 2018, staff will continue to develop a strategy and work plan for more detailed study of this site.

The vision to relocate the downtown station is a long-term solution that could take 10-20 years to realize and would require funding from multiple sources.

In the interim, to accommodate existing needs for additional capacity, 14th Street south of Canyon Boulevard is being studied as a transit street that would provide additional bus stop and layover space on-street. This would act as an extension of the existing transit street on 14th Street north of Canyon Boulevard. Staff is further developing designs and will seek funds in early 2019.

In addition to the 14th Street expansion, staff is working on creating on-street transit stop improvements on Canyon Boulevard as part of the design of the Canyon Corridor Complete Streets Study. These stops can serve local and regional routes to expand capacity in the near- and mid-term.