A rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer along Baseline Road and Foothills Parkway

The project will include replacing 7,300 linear feet of sanitary sewer piping. This project is needed to improve sewer service, address aging infrastructure, increase capacity of the wastewater collection system which will help prevent sewer back-ups like those seen during the Sept. 2013 flood event, and ensure city utility customers are served in their wastewater needs for years to come.

  1. Plan


  2. Design

    Q2-Q3 2021

  3. Build

    Q1 - Q2 2022

  4. Complete

    June 2022

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Completion Date
Q2 2022
Current Phase

Project Overview


Jan 2022 - Summer 2022 | Project start date, Jan. 9, 2022


Current Impact:

Beginning Wednesday, April 20, Baseline Road between Foothills and 55th Street will experience a new traffic pattern. Eastbound traffic will be moved to one of the westbound lanes to allow for the next phase of work on the Foothills and Baseline Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project. Crews will be installing sanitary sewer piping for the next two to three months. To enable the flow of traffic, no left-hand turns from Baseline will be permitted at Crescent /Manhattan. Access to the Crescent neighborhood is from 55th St. Access to Manhattan is from South Boulder Road. We appreciate those affected by the work zone adjusting to new travel patterns/routes to ensure we can successfully complete this critical infrastructure project. Baseline will remain closed east of 55th Street as work on the new sewer line continues until paving east of 55th Street is complete.

Beginning on Friday, May 13 through Monday, May 16, Manhattan Dr. at Baseline will be closed while crews complete a pipe crossing and re-pave the intersection. Please follow the signed detour.

Throughout this project, community members should expect to experience traffic impacts along Baseline Road and Thunderbird Drive. Please check the city's Cone Zones for current traffic impacts. Message boards will be placed along impacted routes prior to any roadway closures. Traffic Impacts will include:

  • Full Closure of Baseline between 55th St. and Gapter Rd. – emergency and Baseline Road driveway access will be maintained
  • Eastbound lanes of Baseline between Foothills Parkway and 55th St. will shift north of the median reducing east and west travel to one lane each. Left-hand turns from Baseline at Crescent/Manhattan will not be permitted
  • Road closures on Thunderbird Road
  • Road closures on Thunderbird Court
  • Lane closures on Foothills Parkway
  • Information on detours and delays on RTD Route 225 can be found here

Some utility customers will experience brief water and sewer service outages to allow construction crews to tie into the new sewer line. All impacted customers will receive notification prior to any planned service interruptions.


This project is located along Baseline Road from Gapter Road to Foothills Parkway and along Thunderbird Road between Baseline Road and Sioux Drive.

Detailed Facts

This project will increase the carrying capacity of the sewer lines in the area by increasing both pipe sizes and slopes. Major project components include:

  • Installing 400 feet of 36” sanitary sewer west of Gapter Road parallel to existing pipe
  • Upsizing 2,320 feet of 24” sanitary sewer along Baseline Road west of Gapter Road to 55th to 27” pipe
  • Upsizing 2,000 feet of 12” and 15” sanitary sewer from Foothills Parkway to 55th to 24” pipe
  • Upsizing 430 feet of 12” sanitary sewer in the northeast corner of the Foothills & Baseline intersection with 15” pipe
  • Installing 335 feet of 12” and 680 feet of 15” sewer lines west of Foothills Parkway, along Thunderbird Court, Thunderbird Drive, and the multi-use path
  • Rehabilitating existing manholes in Foothills Parkway from Sioux Drive to Baseline Road
  • Trenchless crossing under existing culvert under Baseline, east of Foothills Parkway

Estimated Cost: $4.5M - for construction and construction services (does not include design)

Funding: This project is being funded through utility fees