The objective of this council priority is to open a daytime facility for resource navigation and other services to assist individuals experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

  1. Plan

  2. Community Engagement

  3. Design

  4. Implement

Current Phase
Community Engagement

Project Overview

The goal of the Homelessness Day Center is to serve as a navigation center, a space that creates a welcoming and inclusive environment where individuals experiencing homelessness can come to engage with service providers in a single location. The center will aim to build a sense of healthy community, meet people where they are on their housing journey, replace unproductive habits with productive habits, and provide participants with path to housing.

The city is working to hire a community engagement consultant to engage the community and stakeholders to gather input regarding the development and implementation of the Homelessness Day Center. The consultant will lead and facilitate community engagement by bringing together a group that includes local service providers, individuals with lived experience of homelessness in Boulder, local businesses, faith-based community, and city staff. The consultant will gain feedback on the general topics of:

  • What goals does the community want to accomplish with the Homelessness Day Center?

  • Where would the center ideally be located?

  • What services should be provided?


  • April – June 2022: Hire staff for additional capacity, design community engagement plan and hire consultant

  • August 2022: Community engagement, complete scope and services

  • Late 2022, early 2023: Begin to source resources and facility

Engagement Opportunities

In August 2022, the city’s Housing and Human Services Department invited community members to attend a focus group or complete a short survey to share their feedback on the Homelessness Day Center.

Feedback was collected from community members, service providers and individuals with lived experience. Councilmembers and the public were invited to virtually join the community members focus groups which were held on Wednesday, Aug. 24 and Friday, Aug. 26. The feedback gathered will help the city gain insight into the types of services that would be helpful, determine the goals of the center and hear input on the type of facility and its location.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in learning more about Homelessness in Boulder, visit the city's website or contact Megan Newton at or by phone at 303-877-2906.