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Project Overview

The North Broadway Reconstruction Project will provide long-term pavement maintenance and improve safety and comfort for people using all modes of travel through this section of roadway from Violet Avenue to US 36. Planning and design for the project began in 2016 and continued into 2020. Construction began in spring 2021 and is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2022.

While not part of this project, Xcel Energy is converting existing overhead distribution lines to new underground distribution lines alongside the North Broadway Reconstruction Project. For information on the Xcel Energy project, please visit their webpage: https://www.xcelenergynorthbroadway.com/

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Upcoming Work

April 23 Nighttime Work

Beginning Saturday evening, April 23, 2022, nighttime pavement saw-cutting work will occur on the new southbound lane being constructed as part of the North Broadway Reconstruction Project. This night work will continue intermittently for 2 - 3 weeks starting near the Lee Hill and Broadway intersection, moving northward to US 36. The night work is expected to last 2 – 3 hours. No major changes to the current traffic patterns will occur during this time. This work is weather-dependent and may be rescheduled due to inclement weather or other complications.

Corner Intersection Reconstruction

The North Broadway Reconstruction contractor is planning to detour eastbound Lee Hill to Front Range while they re-construct the southwest corner of the Lee Hill/Broadway intersection starting Monday, April 11. The detour will be in place (including overnight) for approximately 2 weeks.

April 2022 - Lane Shift

Please note that as of April 1, 2022, construction work has shifted to the east side of the roadway to construct the new northbound travel lane. Temporary travel lanes have been set up on the west side of the roadway.

Thanks for your patience as we complete the next phase of work on this project.

Travel Impacts

Visit Cone Zones for all current construction and traffic impacts.

  • Vehicles: While the new northbound lane is being constructed, the temporary vehicle travel lanes will shift west to the existing southbound lane.
  • Parking: All street parking on the east side of Broadway will be removed from April 2021 until the end of construction.
  • Bicycles: The northbound bicycle lane on the east side of the street will be removed beginning April 2021 until the end of construction. Bicycle and pedestrian construction-free alternative routes can be found west of project site along 9th St and multiuse path and east of the project site along 13th St and 14th St (see image below).
  • Transit stops: Within the project area, transit stops will remain at Broadway & Front Range, Broadway & Yarmouth and Broadway & Union. Please use these stops.

The map below shows construction-free alternative routes for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Map of Construction-Free Alternative Routes for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Map of Construction-Free Alternative Routes for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Project Design

Raised buffered bike lane with mountable curb

Scope of Improvements

The roadway pavement on North Broadway is in poor condition and requires reconstruction. This project will provide a more durable pavement that does not require as frequent maintenance and provide a safer and better riding experience for drivers, transit riders and on-street bicyclists.

The project applied for and received a federal grant to reconstruct the pavement in concrete as well as retain and possibly enhance or add pedestrian, bicycle and transit stop facilities and improvements. There is also some funding for street lighting, landscaping and public art.

The updated scope includes:

  • Pavement reconstruction in concrete and new curb and gutter
  • Improvement to the on-street bicycle facilities
  • Multi-use path on the west side of Broadway from Violet Avenue to US 36
  • Installation of a traffic signal at Broadway and Yarmouth Avenue and new or improved traffic signal interconnection and bicycle detection systems
  • Pedestrian and transit stop upgrades
  • Construction of a new drainageway underpass for the Fourmile Canyon Creek crossing of Broadway
  • Reduction of posted speed limits from 35 mph to 30 mph from Violet Ave to south of Lee Hill Drive and from 40 mph to 35 mph from south of Lee Hill Drive to US 36.


The project budget is $11.3 million, with $6.2 in federal Transportation Improvements Program (TIP) grant funding and $2.1 million in city transportation funds and $3 million in city utilities funds.

This supports the budgeting principles and priorities of the Transportation Master Plan, which makes preserving the existing transportation infrastructure and system a high priority.

Community Engagement

2020 Open House

An open house to present the final design, construction timeline and anticipated impacts was held in early 2020.

June 2019 Open House

Please note that the materials provided below do not include the raised, buffered bike lanes recommended at the Transportation Advisory Board meeting on Aug. 13, 2019.

In August 2019, TAB voted to support the updated recommended design for the project, which includes raised/buffered bike lanes on Broadway from Violet Avenue - Lee Hill Drive, buffered bike lanes from Lee Hill Drive to US 36 and an off-street multiuse path along the west side of Broadway.

2016 and 2017 Meetings

A summary of input received is included here.

  • NoBo Art District First Friday Art Walk, Sept. 1, 2017
  • On site, Spruce Confections in north Boulder , Aug. 22, 2017
  • On Site, Amante Coffee in north Boulder, Aug. 23, 2017.
  • North Boulder Public Works Transportation & Utilities Open House, May 22, 2017.
    • If you were unable to attend the open house, the meeting materials are available below:
  • North Broadway Reconstruction and Mobility Hub Open House, October, 17, 2016.