Current Phase

Project Overview

Open Space & Mountain Parks Master Plan

For nearly 120 years, generations of Boulder residents have created an innovative public land legacy in building the city’s over 45,000-acre open space system. In September 2019, City Council unanimously accepted and adopted Open Space and Mountain Park’s first Master Plan PDF. The Master Plan sets the course for achieving a vision for integrated and responsible land management over the next decade and beyond.

The OSMP Master Plan will shape the City of Boulder’s approach to future stewardship questions, such as: How to continue conservation of natural, cultural and scenic areas while also providing enjoyable visitor experiences, how to address population growth with increased visitation, and how the city will make its natural areas more resilient amid the climate crisis.

Thanks to all of you who shared ideas and feedback during our five windows of engagement. We have summarized the complete engagement process in Appendix A of the Master Plan PDF.

Read our System Overview Report PDF to review the state of your Boulder open space.

Key Strategies

The OSMP Master Plan clearly identifies a set of ten priority Tier 1 strategies that will be accelerated and emphasized with more staff time and funding, especially in the first few years of Master Plan implementation.

Ecosystem Health and Resilience

  • Preserve and restore important habitat blocks and corridors.
  • Address the global climate crisis here and now.
  • Update and continue implementing system plans guiding ecosystem management.

Responsible Recreation, Stewardship and Enjoyment

  • Assess and manage increasing visitation.
  • Reduce trail maintenance backlog.

Community Connection, Education and Inclusion

  • Welcome diverse backgrounds and abilities.
  • Enhance communication with visitors.

Agriculture Today and Tomorrow

  • Reduce maintenance backlog for agriculture and water infrastructure.
  • Increase soil health and resilience.
  • Address conflicts between agriculture and prairie dogs.