Current Repairs

The Boulder Parks and Recreation Department (BPR) is repairing the gym floor and a pool leak.

Current Phase

Project Overview

Late last year, SBRC’s boiler failed and flooded the gym. In addition, a pool leak is increasing the moisture levels in the gym. We are coordinating these two repairs while continuing a reduced level of service at the facility.


May 26

Pool leak repairs have begun. The initial pool leak was identified and repaired, but during testing a leak in an adjacent drain pipe was identified. The construction crew is excavating the area to review the severity of that break.

The pool leaks have elevated the moisture levels in the gymnasium, so we will fix these leaks before the new gym floor can be installed.

April 15

The flooring has been successfully removed! The next phase of the work for the project is to install a new flooring system. The new flooring system for the gymnasium and satellite rooms takes into consideration all the different ways the floor is used and who uses it. This includes:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Pickleball
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Group Fitness (which uses up to 35-pound dumbbells)
  • Multi-purpose uses, including chairs and tables on the floor

The city has put out a Request for Bid (RFB) for the flooring system installation with responses due on April 29. A contractor will be selected shortly after bids are received and evaluated.

The floor replacement work is expected to begin in mid-June when the Facilities Department has completed moisture mitigation work from the pool.

The timeframe for the completion of the floor replacement project will be coordinated with the selected contractor.

March 21

The water-damaged floor has been successfully removed from the Pilates room, gymnasium, and racquetball court. Thanks for your patience as we have started this project and kept South Boulder Recreation Center open.

We don't know what kind of flooring system will be installed, however we anticipate it will be some type of multi-use, potentially vinyl flooring type, that will meet the facility and community members' needs.

Working with the project's contractors, we hope to have new flooring installed in June.

March 11

We are finding a flooring product that can meet the primary needs for the space as a large indoor exercise area and is sensible given the short remaining lifecycle of the building. We are receiving quotes for the removal of the current gym floor.

Construction is scheduled to begin the second week of March, so be aware that there will be noise, dust, and odors from floor cutting activities, in addition to construction traffic on the north side of the recreation center. Construction will last up to two weeks.

We plan to close the pool from late May to early June, when outdoor pools are open, to repair the pool and replace the gym flooring. The gym will remain closed until that time.