Project Overview

Violet Park is an important neighborhood park set aside for residents in North Boulder and is a priority for Parks and Recreation to develop new amenities for the community to enjoy. Since the flood recovery from 2013 to 2015, staff have been exploring opportunities to improve the park in coordination with planned improvements along the creek channel, as well as the extension of the multi-use path. With the upcoming addition of a new library in North Boulder, staff are exploring how the park can best complement all the adjacent infrastructure improvements. Building upon the great work completed by CU students in the fall of 2019, a park design process later this year in 2022 will engage the community in learning the desires and expectations for the park and identify priorities for development - likely in 2023 - in conjunction with creek improvements and the adjacent library construction. Stay tuned to the website or sign up below to receive future updates on the process.

Park Improvement Pre-Planning with CU Boulder

Parks and Recreation has had the opportunity to work with a CU Environmental Design class to engage students in developing some ideas for what the park could look like, and to provide some initial concepts for the park design. Staff anticipate that if the neighbors enjoy some of the design themes, and if they meet the design and operation standards of the department, that these ideas can be further explored through a formal design process. This initial neighborhood engagement allows the community to share their goals and desires for the park, respond to some of the design themes presented by the students, and gives an opportunity for the students to have a real life experience in facilitating a community meeting.

The open house occurred on November 21, 2019 at Crest View Elementary along with several other North Boulder Public Works projects. Four student groups presented their master plan concepts and recorded community feedback. This feedback will be retained by staff and used to initiate the formal design process.

Student Boards