Wonderland Lake Integrated Site Project (ISP)

Current Phase

Project Overview

The Wonderland Lake ISP area includes the Wonderland Lake Loop Trail (on OSMP lands) and area that encircles Wonderland Lake, and the Wonderland Lake Trailhead, with associated Foothills Nature Center. Map of the Wonderland Lake ISP project area.

This ISP does not include the trail improvements identified in the North Trail Study Area (TSA) for the foothills west and north of the lake.

Implementation of ISP Preferred Package of Actions

The City of Boulder’s Open Space Board of Trustees have recommended that Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) advance the preferred package of actions into detailed design and execution over the coming years. An overview of the phased approach to implementation is below:

Wonderland Lake ISP Implementation Phasing

More detailed information on the proposed actions is available in the October Board Memo and presentation.

The city manager, upon the board recommendation, also approved a community proposal to change the name of the entire Wonderland Lake area to Wonderland Lake Wildlife Sanctuary.