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Target Environmental Procurement Products

Product Procurement Requirement
Stationery* recycled material required
Copy paper* recycled material required
Ruled writing pads* recycled material required
Paper towels recycled material required
Toilet tissue recycled material required
Business cards* recycled material required
Memo and message pads* recycled material required
Napkins recycled material required
Printer toner cartridges** recycled material required
Recycled plastic products preferred/optional
Plastic lumber (fencing, decking material, benches,
planter boxes, bike racks, waste receptacles, pallets, etc.)
Spill containment containers preferred/optional
Utility carts preferred/optional
Plastic sheeting for signs, light-duty walls and flooring preferred/optional
Vinyl sheeting or vinyl interlocking tiles preferred/optional
Parking blocks preferred/optional
Office desk accessories preferred/optional
Trash can liner bags preferred/optional
Recycled rubber mats preferred/optional
Highway warning signals, traffic cones preferred/optional
Non-toxic cleaners preferred/optional
Low or non-toxic paints, finishes and adhesives preferred/optional
Water purifier preferred/optional
Recycled computer disks preferred/optional
Compact fluorescent light bulbs preferred/optional
Low-flow showerheads, toilets preferred/optional
Recycled content corrugated cardboard boxes preferred/optional
Water-soluble mailing labels preferred/optional
Recycled plastic carpet preferred/optional
Flooring and insulation made from recycled paper preferred/optional
Recycled content facial tissue preferred/optional

*no ground wood content

**some exceptions may be made: a department may be granted an exception if they can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the City Manager that the use of a recycled product would not achieve performance standards, would negatively impact health and safety, or would cause an undue financial hardship.

Required Recycled

Recycle Material Required means these products must be purchased as recycled content products and may not be purchased in virgin form. 

Optional Purchases

"Preferred/optional" are those products that are available with recycled content and/or meet the criteria for environmentally preferable products. All departments are encouraged to purchase these whenever possible.

For more information about any products, contact the Office of Environmental Affairs at 441-3090.