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Resilient Boulder

City of Boulder Resilience Strategy

The City of Boulder has released its draft resilience strategy pdf.

Don't Miss Food, Fun and Yoga at Aug. 7 Resilience Event

Join Resilient Boulder for a morning of food and yoga on Sunday, Aug. 7. Resilient Boulder is an initiative led by the City of Boulder to strengthen our community’s ability to respond and adapt to changes and challenges. There are many qualities that will contribute to the city’s resilience -- and wellness is no exception. A healthy, strong community is crucial to ensuring Boulder’s ability to bounce forward after a potential disaster.

Register to attend this free and fun resilience event. Yoga instructor Hannah Keitel will lead the group in breathing exercises and yoga poses that help people de-stress and regain a more centered and balanced mindset. Nutritional therapist Shannon Keating will facilitate foods demonstration of some of her thoughtfully designed disaster-ready recipes, meals that can be prepared without electricity, cooking gas or running water. She will also answer questions about preparing your kitchen and pantry for a natural disaster or emergency.

What is Resilience?

Resilience is the ability of a community to prepare for and respond effectively to stress. Some of the stresses will come on suddenly, like the 2013 flood, wildfires, violence or illnesses. Others take their toll over time, such as economic hardship, social inequality, or the declining health of a community and its members. In either case, resilient communities not only bounce back from these challenges but also "bounce forward," preserving the quality of life today and improving their legacy for future generations.

What is the Mobile Resilience Lab?

The Mobile Resilience Lab is a pop-up yellow tent that offers fun ways to learn about preparedness. It includes educational information and activities for the whole family. It is one of the initiatives identified and implemented as part of the city's Resilience Strategy. When and where will the lab be?

What is Resilient Boulder?

Boulder is one of the first 32 cities chosen to participate in 100 Resilient Cities. The program, pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, is funding 100 chief resilience officers in selected cities worldwide. These officers are working  together -- and with their communities -- to build resilience.

What does participation in 100 Resilient Cities Mean for Boulder?

Cities in the 100RC network receive support in four key areas:
  1. Funding for a chief resilience officer who will lead the development and implementation of the city's resilience strategy
  2. Expert support in developing the strategy
  3. Access to resilience-building tools provided by partners from the private, public and non-government organization sectors
  4. Membership in a global network of cities who can learn from and help each other
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