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Resilient Boulder

Resilient Boulder

Resilient Boulder 2017 Progress Report 

In 2017, the Resilient Boulder team and community partners built a community of citizen scientists, began a process of planning for uncertainty, developed a cohort of residents ready to respond in the event of an emergency, and witnessed first hand the power of a community working to build resilience daily. Check out our  2017 progress report.

Resilient Together

When we say resilience,  we are talking about proactive problem-solving. We are talking about approaching multi-faceted, interrelated challenges holistically. We are talking about connecting nodes of our society to meet the needs of tomorrow. Want to learn more? Be a part of our quest to be Resilient Together by joining the conversation!

Have ideas about how we can use the Resilient Together platform to increase resilience in the City of Boulder and Boulder County? Don’t hesitate to share them with Kate Busse at [email protected]

Realizing the Resilience Dividend Workshop

In October 2017, the city convened Chief Resilience Officers and Chief Financial Officers from ten peer cities at a workshop to explore the intersection of resilience and the budgeting process and financing for resilient outcomes. Municipal budgeting sits at the intersection of public policy and program implementation and serves as a representation of a community’s priorities and values. With the relatively recent emergence of resilience as a public policy priority, there is a new opportunity for cities to channel investments in ways that achieve multiple benefits, reduce risk to lives and property, encourage a thriving and just economy, and allow resilience value to grow over the lifetime of an initiative. Learn more about the workshop here

City of Boulder Resilience Strategy

The City of Boulder has released its final resilience strategy. pdf También disponible en español. pdf

What is Resilience?

Resilience is the ability of a community to prepare for and respond effectively to stress. Some of the stresses will come on suddenly, like the 2013 flood, wildfires, violence or illnesses. Others take their toll over time, such as economic hardship, social inequality, or the declining health of a community and its members. In either case, resilient communities not only bounce back from these challenges but also "bounce forward," preserving the quality of life today and improving their legacy for future generations.

What is Resilient Boulder?

Boulder is one of the first 32 cities chosen to participate in 100 Resilient Cities. The program, pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, is funding 100 chief resilience officers in selected cities worldwide. These officers are working  together -- and with their communities -- to build resilience.

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