Young Adult Law Enforcement Training

The program is an educational program for young adults between the ages of 14-21 with an interest in law enforcement.

Who We Are

Explorers meet twice a month for training sessions in law enforcement activities and are not paid. Participants in this program also have grade-point average requirements.

Explorers use the skills learned in training to compete against other metro area Explorer groups in law-enforcement competitions. This group also assists with Special Olympics events and major events that occur throughout the city such as Bolder Boulder, Iron Man and Creek Festival.

What We Do

Explorer Post No.101 trains in various aspects of law enforcement. Department employees teach explorer training, and the training offered is similar to Law Enforcement Academy training.

Subjects include:

  • Traffic control
  • Traffic stops
  • Arrest control
  • Criminal code
  • Patrol procedures
  • High-risk entry
  • Hostage negotiation
  • Report writing
  • Domestic crisis
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Firearm safety

Explorers are required to volunteer 8 hours per month to the police department. Explorers are allowed to volunteer their time in different areas including traffic control, various community functions and events.

Explorers are also given the opportunity to participate in various competitions such as the Chandler’s Tactical Competition, conferences and other Law Enforcement Explorer Post Advisors Association of Colorado (LEEPAAC).

  • Explorers wear a modified uniform consisting of a light blue uniform shirt and BDU pants.
  • Explorers neither possess nor wear a badge.
  • Explorers are not law enforcement officers and are not POST-certified.

Requirements for Membership

Explorer candidates must:

  • Be at least 14 but not yet 21 years of age
  • Currently enrolled in high school or college
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher (If at the beginning GPA requirements are not met we will work with you if you are close and can commit to improving.)
  • Have written permission from a parent/guardian if the applicant is under 18 years of age
  • Successfully pass a background investigation
  • Be of good moral character

Apply for the Explorer Post Program

Submit a completed Explorer application

Initial Explorer applications are screened for suitability based on a variety of factors. Approval of the application moves prospective Explorers on to the oral board.

Oral Board

The oral board is an interview in front of a panel consisting of at least two advisors and one sergeant. Applicants will answer a variety of questions, and discuss various scenarios relating to the Explorer Post. The board may or may not recommend that the applicant move on to the background investigation.

Background Investigation

Applicants must have a good driving record and no significant criminal history. A curfew or Minor in Possession ticket would not prevent an applicant from joining, however any misdemeanors or higher would be an automatic disqualification.

Staff Review

All applicants will be subject to approval by the Explorer Post advisors.