Boulder's Goals

Achieving Boulder's sustainability goals requires working with partners in the community as well as beyond the city's borders at the regional, state and national levels. The regional sustainability coordinator leads targeted efforts with key institutional partners to advance sustainability initiatives based on annual work program priorities. The coordinator serves a central role in work related to Boulder's Energy Future.

Key Priorities for the Coming Years

Diversifying Boulder's Energy Supply

Boulder’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) emphasizes the need to diversify our energy supply over time, gradually switching from carbon intensive, coal-powered electrical generation to a greater reliance on no- or-low carbon renewable energy sources, including wind and solar power. The Local Environmental Action Division is working with Boulder residents and businesses to reduce energy use, promote small-scale renewable energy sources on individual properties, and encourage wind power purchases. The City of Boulder is working with regional partners to achieve the broader goal of diversifying our regional energy supply. Learn more about Boulder’s Energy Future.

Promoting Green Jobs

Adopting sound environmental policies can promote economic growth and job creation. Investments in energy efficiency, clean energy technology and renewable energy have enormous potential to create productive and innovative work locally. Boulder’s Climate Action Plan outlines strategies for emissions reductions, including the development of new green-collar jobs in the future.

Climate Adaptation Planning

As the climate changes, so must Boulder. To effectively address the challenges that a changing climate will bring, climate adaptation and mitigation policies to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions must complement each other.

Boulder’s ability to manage its climate risks through adaptation depends on a number of critical factors, including its baseline and projected economic resources, technologies, infrastructure, institutional support and effective governance, public awareness, access to the best available scientific information, sustainably-managed natural resources, and equity in access to these resources. Boulder will summarize the best known science on climate change impacts to assess vulnerability and outline possible solutions that can be implemented within the city and across the region to promote resiliency.

Sustainability Legislation

Each year, City Council adopts positions on select state and federal legislative matters that include components of sustainability.