Free, Two-Week Summer Youth Academy Cancelled Due to COVID-19 But Back in 2023!

Boulder police officers will teach the all-day classes to students who will learn about every unit and division within the department. The classes will include lectures and hands-on training, plus physical fitness practice at the end of each day.

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Topics Covered

  • Tour of the Boulder Police Department
  • Processing staged crime scenes, which will involve interviewing “witnesses,” “victims” and suspects; as well as taking photos and collecting evidence.
  • Bomb technicians will demonstrate the bomb robots and discuss how the team approaches hazardous scenes.
  • Demonstrations by the SWAT team.
  • Presentations by the Detective Section.
  • Dispatchers will discuss how they handle thousands of calls in our Communication Center.
  • Demonstrations by traffic officers on the use of radar and LIDAR guns.
  • The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office will discuss the court process, testifying and provide a tour of the Boulder County Justice Center.