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Solar Power in the City of Boulder

In communities around the world people are increasingly tapping into one of our most abundant, clean, and affordable natural resources: the sun. There are numerous environmental and financial benefits of solar energy, including lowering greenhouse gas emissions, managing energy costs, creating local jobs, and helping achieve greater energy independence. The City of Boulder is committed to sustainability, and with over 300 days of sunshine per year, our sunny locale is the perfect place to take advantage of all that solar has to offer. As of 2018, Boulder has 27 MW of local solar installed! 

Interested in Solar + Battery Storage?

For residents, businesses, and developers in Boulder, Colorado, it’s now easier than ever to install solar and battery storage. The city—in collaboration with the Institute for Sustainable Communities and the Clean Energy Group—created a new solar + storage permitting and interconnection guide that offers a clear outline of solar approval and installation processes. Created in support of Boulder’s Climate Commitment, the guide will advance the installation of solar+storage systems locally, contributing to the city’s goal of being powered by 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Update on Solar Strategy

The City of Boulder hired consultants in 2017 to provide recommendations on actions that would inform the city’s overall solar strategy. The intention of this work is to focus internal resources on the most effective tactics to maximize solar uptake, create opportunities for under-served populations, increase local renewable energy generation, and support economic vitality and a resilient community.

The recommendations outline a series of action plans that are phased to align with the 2020, 2030 and 2050 local generation targets of 50MW, 100MW, and 175MW of local renewable generation, respectively. The city will be incorporating some of these recommendations into the overall energy strategy under the city’s Climate Commitment.

Read the action strategies pdf and appendix pdf for more information. 

The City of Boulder received a SolSmart Gold designation from the U.S. Department of Energy

 SolSmart is a nation recognition and no-cost technical assistance program for local governments designed to drive greater solar deployment and help even more American homes and businesses access affordable and renewable solar energy. The City of Boulder was awarded the highest level of designation in September 2016 for the work the city has done adopting programs and practices to make it easier, faster and cheaper to go solar. Read the press release or Boulder's letter of commitment pdf from the designation application for more information. 

Assessing Your Solar Potential 

Google's rooftop solar tool can support community members in understanding their solar potential. The online tool helps residents, businesses, institutions and property owners to: determine how much electricity can be produced on their rooftops; estimate system cost and payback time and connect with solar contractors and financial rebates and incentives

Solar Ready Building 

The City of Boulder's latest building code updates require all new buildings to be solar PV ready. 

Solar Grants and Rebates

Find out more about available grants and rebates for solar on our grants and rebate page.

2014 work from the Energy Future Solar Working Group:

Stay tuned for updates from the 2017 solar working group! 

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