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Solar Power in the City of Boulder

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The City of Boulder is committed to sustainability, and with over 300 days of sunshine per year, our sunny locale is the perfect place to take advantage of all that solar has to offer. 


City of Boulder Solar Programs and Policies

  • City of Boulder Solar Strategy pdf: A guide for the city organization on the most effective tactics to maximize solar uptake, create opportunities for under-served populations, increase local renewable energy generation and support economic vitality and a resilient community
  • City of Boulder Solar Grants and Rebates: Funds generated by the City of Boulder's Solar Rebate Ordinance are used to provide grants for the installation of solar electric and solar thermal (hot water) systems for qualified applicants.
  • Energy Conservation Codes: The city's energy codes encourage on-site solar installation. The 2017 code mandates solar-ready requirements. In the 2020 code, at least 5% of commercial building energy use be supplied by on-site renewables for new construction.
  • Generation Solar: The generation solar project brings solar panels to 14 city facilities by June 2020.

Documents, Tools and Guides for Going Solar

  • EnergySmart: EnergySmart offers a list of pre-qualified list of solar installers to assist in finding high-quality, cost-effective contractors in your area.
  • How to Go Solar: The city's webpage with resources for going solar
  • Google's Rooftop Solar Tool: An online tool helps residents, businesses, institutions and property owners to determine how much electricity can be produced on their rooftops estimate system cost and payback time and connect with solar contractors and financial rebates and incentives

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SolSmart Gold designation from the U.S. Department of Energy

September 2016: The City of Boulder was awarded the highest level of designation in September 2016 for programs and practices to make it easier, faster and cheaper to go solar. 

Platinum Solar-Friendly Community from Colorado Solar Energy Association

December 2014: The City of Boulder became the second community to receive platinum status as a Solar-Friendly Community from the Colorado Solar Energy Association.

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