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Generation Solar

Charging ahead on local renewable energy

Arial view of Boulder with shot of solar panelsThe Climate Initiatives department created Generation Solar to bring an innovative, collaborative approach to solar procurement across multiple city departments and properties. The city is paying no upfront capital investment costs for the solar and will realize savings in operating costs throughout the life of the new systems. 

The generation solar project is part of the local solar aspect of the 2016 Climate Commitment. Fourteen city facilities will be getting solar panels, bringing 2.5 MW of renewably generated power. This project supports the city’s efforts to bring local, renewable energy generation to the community, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity generation. 

The city will lease the installation sites to a third-party owner, Unico Solar Investors, and purchase the solar power output generated through separate purchase agreements. This model gives community members greater access and control over a more affordable and sustainable power supply.

Funding for the projects is provided by  Unico Solar Investors , which will own and develop the installations. Boulder-based Namasté Solar  designing and building the solar energy projects.

Project Update -- June 2020

Projects at Substantial Completion

  • Fire Station 1
  • Fire Station 5
  • Fire Station 7 
  • Fire Station 8/Fire Training Center
  • North Boulder Recreational Center
  • East Boulder Community Center
  • Iris Center
  • Police Station 

Projects Underway

  • 1100 Spruce Garage
  • 1500 Pearl Garage
  • Boulder Reservoir Center
  • 63rd Street Water Treatment Plant
  • 75th Street Water Treatment Plant

For day-by-day updates, visit Downtown Boulder's webpage.

For specific questions, please contact Yael Gichon, Senior Energy Project Manager at [email protected]



Construction of solar projects at parking garages - 1100 Spruce St. and 1500 Pearl St. - has begun. The garage at 1100 Spruce St. will be 100% solar powered and the garage at 1500 Pearl St. will be 65% solar powered, once the projects are completed.

These few months of construction will reap decades of benefit to downtown Boulder and help us reach the city's wider goals around addressing climate change. Other benefits include covered rooftop parking and reduced energy costs with no upfront cost to taxpayers.


3D Rendering of planned solar pannels at 1500 Pearl Street parking garage.










3D Rendering of planned solar panels at 1500 Pearl Street parking garage.


Planned Installations

  • 63rd Street Water Treatment Plant: 806 kW 
  • 75th St. Water Resource Recovery Facility: 499 kW 
  • Boulder Reservoir Visitor Center: 66 kW 
  • East Boulder Community Center: 73 kW 
  • Fire Station 1: 32 kW 
  • Fire Station 5: 12 kW 
  • Fire Station 7: 15 kW 
  • Fire Station 8 and Fire Training Center: 141 kW 
  • Iris Center: 40 kW 
  • North Boulder Recreation Center: 120 kW 
  • 15th and Pearl Parking Garage: 281 kW 
  • 11th and Spruce Parking Garage: 218 kW