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Boulder Building Performance Efficiency Requirements

Boulder Building Performance Efficiency Requirements

Efficiency Requirements

The Building Performance Ordinance requires each affected commercial and industrial building owner to implement efficiency actions over a phased timeline. These actions are:

  1. Perform Energy Assessments Every 10 Years
  2. Implement One-time Lighting Upgrades
  3. Perform Retrocommissioning (RCx) Every 10 Years
  4. Implement Cost Effective RCx Measures


The efficiency requirements are phased in based on building size with  June 1  deadlines of the year listed below. 

Requirement Existing Buildings ≥ 50,000 sf, New Buildings 1  ≥ 10,000 sf, City Buildings ≥ 5,000 sf Existing Buildings ≥ 30,000 sf Existing Buildings ≥ 20,000 sf
Energy Assessments 2019 2021 2023
Lighting Upgrades 2021 2023 2025
Retrocommissioning 2021 2023 2025
Implement Cost Effective RCx Measures 2023 2025 2027

1 New Construction Buildings are those permitted since January 2014.