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Boulder Building Performance Rating & Reporting

Boulder Building Performance Rating & Reporting


Rating and Reporting Definition

The Building Performance Ordinance requires each affected commercial and industrial building owner to Rate whole-building energy use with the approved tools and Report this energy use to the city annually. 

The reported energy metrics will be publicly disclosed following a two-year grace period. 


Rating and reporting requirements are phased in based on building size. Deadlines are June 1 each year beginning the year identified below.


Existing Buildings ≥ 50,000 SF; City-owned Buildings ≥ 5,000; New Construction Buildings ≥ 10,0001

Existing Buildings ≥ 30,000 SF Existing Buildings ≥ 20,000 SF
Rating and Reporting 2016 2018 2020
Public Disclosure 2019 2021 2023

1New Construction Buildings are those permitted since January 2014.


Help Desk - Services include assistance using Portfolio Manager, connecting with Xcel Energy's automatic data upload, and applying for exemptions or deadline extensions. Contact the Help Desk 8am-5pm MDT at [email protected] or (844) 811-8785.

  • Compliance Checklist pdf - A list of the Rating & Reporting compliance steps. 
  • How-to Guide pdf - Provides detailed instructions for Rating & Reporting energy data through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.
  • ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager - EPA's free online tool for Rating & Reporting whole-building energy use. The ENERGY STAR webpage features guidance and trainings on using the tool.
  • ENERGY STAR Energy Tracking Tool - Manufacturing buildings may choose to comply with Rating & Reporting using this tool. Contact the Program Administrator for more information. Using the Energy Tracking Tool pdf - Instructions for manufacturing buildings to use the Energy Tracking Tool for Rating & Reporting compliance. 
  • Xcel Energy Benchmarking Portal - Automatically uploads whole-building energy data directly into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (for energy supplied by Xcel Energy).
  • Deadline Extension Request - Deadline extensions may be available. Submit the request online for review.
  • Exemption Request - Rating and Reporting exemptions may be available if a building is unconditioned and unlit; has operated less than a year based on the Certificate of Occupancy; or has proof of financial hardship. 
  • Tenant Data Collection Worksheets docx - Worksheets to collect the property details necessary to set up the building in Portfolio Manager for rating and reporting.

Public Disclosure

The city will disclose affected building energy performance metrics after a two-year grace period. These metrics will be disclosed on the Building Performance Map. City-owned building energy metrics are currently publicly disclosed on this map. 

Any information submitted to the city, including information shared during the grace period, will be subject to the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA). Building owners concerned about their information being subject to a CORA request during the grace period or thereafter can apply for a public disclosure exemption. If the exemption is approved, the city will withhold the information from any CORA request. If you have questions on CORA, please view this additional information.

Case Studies

Rating and Reporting a Complex Building

Arapahoe Village Shopping Center pdf Review the recommendations, challenges, and lessons learned from completing the rating and reporting process on a complex strip mall with multiple tenants and energy meters.

Interpreting Rating and Reporting Results

Crossroads Garden pdf and King Soopers pdf - Review the outcomes and recommendations identified from a building's rating and reporting metrics and the potential impact they could have

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