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Medical Marijuana Businesses

City Sales Tax and Licensing offices are at our new location:
The Brenton Building-1136 Alpine Avenue,  1st Floor
Our phone numbers and mailing address of 
P.O. Box 791, Boulder CO 80306
will remain the same


Our Boulder Revised Code states that persons or locations with over six plants or 2 ounces of product become a business under our local code and each business in our city limits must have a valid and compliant city Medical Marijuana Business (MMB) license, along with a state license from the State Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division, to legally operate in the City of Boulder. 

The Medical Marijuana Business (MMB) ordinance can be found in Boulder Revised Code Chapter 6-14 

Conversion and Co-location application process

In accordance with Boulder Revised Code Chapter 6-14, Medical Marijuana Business (MMB) owners who are currently compliant are able to file 100 percent conversions, and co-location applications, whether via physical separation or virtual separation, of both MMB and RMB in their current business licensed footprint.

Those MMB businesses which were compliant and open on Oct. 22, 2013 are eligible for 100 percent conversions to RMB licenses.

MMBs in mixed use development locations with residential units open as of Oct. 22, 2013 are not eligible for the license conversion or co-location processing.

A person may only hold an ownership percentage interest in up to 3 RMB dispensaries or MMB wellness centers, whether single use or dual use, and there is no limit in the number of licenses which a person may hold an interest in for MIP licenses for MMB/RMB products or Grow locations for either MMB or RMB Greenhouses.

An additional city excise tax of 5 percent was approved by vote for RMB Grow locations and an added city 3.5 percent sales and use tax was approved by vote for RMB dispensary, MIP, and Testing locations. Payment of this city tax will be required for continued RMB license compliance.

A pre-scheduled, in-person filing appointment is required for filing of conversion or co-location applications. Necessary documents are included separately here in the links to the right. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

MMB New applications, license maintenance, and annual renewals

For New MMB applications, Transfer applications, and Change of Locations applications, an in-person intake meeting is required with Licensing staff.

For MMB Business Entity/Trade Name, City Keyholder, Stock/Share sales and Renewal filings, the applications, attachments, and fees can be mailed in.

License maintenance applications, such as ownership changes or officer changes, must be filed at least 30 days prior to the effective date of the proposed change.

Minor modifications for premise modifications may be proceeded with as soon as the complete application is filed with City Licensing.

Major modifications for premise modifications must be inspected and approved by the city before the modification space may be used for business purposes.

City keyholder changes should be filed 30 days prior to the proposed new person acting as a keyholder, unless a complete application and fees is submitted to the city, which also includes a copy of the new person’s state key badge.

MMB License renewals must be filed at least 45 days prior to the license expiration date or a substantial city late fee is required.