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Mobile Food Vehicles

City Sales Tax and Licensing offices are at located at:
The Brenton Building-1136 Alpine Avenue,  1st Floor
Our phone numbers and mailing address of 
P.O. Box 791, Boulder CO 80306
will remain the same


Mobile Food Vehicle (MFV) Licensing Process

Please complete attached application, include other required attachments listed on the checklist of required documents, and include application fee. Mail to:
City of Boulder
Licensing Division
PO Box 791
Boulder, CO 80306
1.   Obtain a Colorado Retail Food Establishment License for your MFV
Boulder County Public Health Department
3450 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80304
2.   You must submit your completed sales tax license application prior to your MFV application to the licensing division. Please apply here:
3.   Mail or drop off to the City of Boulder Licensing Division: the entire, complete application and all required documents with a check for $262.00 made out to the City of Boulder for the mobile food vehicle application fee. Applications that are not complete with all required attachments will not be accepted.
City of Boulder Licensing Division
Street address: 1136 Alpine Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304
Mailing address: P.O. Box 791, Boulder, CO 80306


On April 26, 2011, Boulder City Council passed an ordinance allowing mobile food vehicles, under certain conditions, in some areas of the City of Boulder.  As of June 1, 2011, in order to legally operate a mobile food vehicle, you must apply for and receive a mobile food vehicle license from the City of Boulder licensing division.  Both the licensing and planning and development services departments will review and process applications for mobile food vehicles (MFVs).

How it Affects Your Business

Please see the main BRC section on Mobile Food Vehicles (and any other related sections) to understand how it affects your business: BRC 9-6-5 (d).

More Information

We expect the MFV licensing process for new licenses to take approximately 4 weeks, from application to license issuance, for each applicant.  MFV licenses will be valid until Dec. 31st of the year issued.


City Manager Rule Regulating Mobile Food Vehicle Licensing - Rule 4-1-12.A.19