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2014 TMP

Current Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan, or TMP, is the guiding policy document for the City of Boulder's transportation system. The TMP is really the Boulder community's plan. Each update to the TMP builds on previous versions of the plan. About every five years, city staff reach out to the community to learn whether the current goals and policy direction still reflect the community's values. The most recent TMP pdf  was adopted in 2014, and is built on more than 20 years of consistent policy direction that has focused on safety, providing access to all users, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and integrating with regional transportation developments.

The Transportation Master Plan is organized around five focus areas: Complete Streets, Regional Travel, Transportation Demand Management, Funding, and Sustainability. Use the interactive graphic below to learn more.

Additionally, all existing and planned transportation routes and crossings are recorded at Map It: Boulder's Transportation System.


The Transportation Master Plan Process

In between each TMP update, the city engages in a process of continuous improvement toward the master plan goals. 

  • Plan: The Transportation Master Plan is updated with the help of the Boulder community.
  • Do: The TMP Action Plan provides a high level, visual tool for what is needed to realize the goals of the Transportation Master Plan. The document is divided into sections for Immediate (1-2 year), Near Term (3-6 year), and Long Term (7-20 year) action items to achieve the goals of the TMP.
  • Check: The Transportation Report on Progress is updated every 2 years (except during TMP update years), and serves as a check-in on the city's progress toward its stated goals. The Report on Progress is a report card that shows how well the city is achieving the plan's goals and objectives, and where the city is falling short. In addition to the Report on Progress, the City of Boulder also uses several other performance check-ins to measure progress in other areas. For more information, visit the Transportation Use Measurements page.

The TMP also integrates with broader community goals reflected in the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan, and the city's Sustainability + Resilience Framework pdf and Climate Commitment.


Previous TMP Update Files