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2018 Report on Progress

Current (2014) TMP | TMP Action Plan (2014) | Transportation Report on Progress | Transportation Use Measurements

Transportation Report on Progress

The City of Boulder’s 2018 Transportation Report on Progress pdf is about what the city is doing and will do to accomplish Boulder's vision for creating a safe, multimodal transportation system that provides great options and service for all members of the community. The 2018 Report on Progress also serves as a jumping off point for the update to the Transportation Master Plan, a major effort that will kick off in spring 2018 and will include significant community input.

The city's vision for transportation was laid out in the 2014 Transportation Master Plan, which was written after a long community engagement process. The Report on Progress is a report card that shows how well the city is achieving the plan's goals objectives and where the city is falling short.

For a quick summary of the 2014 TMP's nine measureable objectives you can download a PDF Summary Page pdf. This page summarizes a few of the ways the city measures progress. You also can read the report in your browser at the bottom of this page.

In addition to the Report on Progress, the City of Boulder also uses several other performance check-ins to measure progress in other areas. For more information, visit the Transportation Use Measurements page.

Using Data

The city collects and analyzes multiple sources of data to track progress toward the 2014 TMP update’s goals and objectives, including travel surveys, crash data, vehicle counts, bicycle counts, transit ridership statistics, pavement conditions and census data. These data create a robust picture of travel in the city, and findings guide next steps and help prioritize projects, programs and investment strategies for 2018 and beyond to continue progress toward achieving the vision and goals of the TMP.

Progress in the Five Focus Areas

The 2014 TMP update identifies the following five focus areas that will move the community toward its transportation and climate action goals. The City of Boulder focuses its programs, partnerships and outreach efforts to address these areas.

Read more about the focus areas by following the links to the relevant section of the 2018 Transportation Report on Progress.

Link to Complete Streets section of 2016 Transportation Report on Progress Complete Streets

Creating Complete Streets means planning, designing, building, operating and maintaining a transportation system for all users. It's a key part of Boulder's "people first" approach that includes pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and vehicle drivers. Read more about this focus area and the Renewed Vision for Transit in the Complete Streets section pdf.

Link to Regional Travel section of the 2016 Transportation Report on Progress Regional Travel

Boulder works with regional partners to improve travel options and the person-carrying capacity of all the major corridors connecting Boulder to surrounding communities. Innovations include the Flatiron Flyer bus rapid transit and the U.S. 36 Express Lanes and bike trail in the Regional Travel section pdf.

Link to the Transportation Demand Management section of the 2016 Transportation Report on Progress Transportation Demand Management

Transportation demand management (TDM) is about giving people choices while improving the efficiency of the existing system. This means finding ways to better use what we have when adding infrastructure faces funding, physical and environmental constraints. Learn more about TDM in the Transportation Demand Management section pdf.


The 2014 TMP update provides a policy framework for the city’s transportation budget, which supports a balanced, sustainable and multimodal transportation system. Recent additional funding has allowed the city to restore operation and maintenance activities and increase capital investment. Read about how the city puts your tax dollars to work in the Funding section pdf.

Link to Integrate with Sustainability Initiatives section of the 2016 Transportation Report on Progress Integrate with Sustainability Initiatives

Added as part of the 2014 TMP update, this focus area emphasizes citywide integration under Boulder’s Sustainability Framework to build resiliency and long-term community health. Learn more by reading the Integrate with Sustainability Initiatives section pdf.


Progress Toward the Nine Measureable Objectives

The 2014 TMP update emphasizes performance measurement as part of a balanced, multimodal and sustainable transportation system. As a result, it establishes nine measurable objectives pdf for the city that support the five focus areas. Read this section for an assessment of how the city has performed so far in achieving these objectives, suggestions for areas of concentration and improvement, and what comes next. Link to 2018 Report on Progress TMP Objectives Report Card






Read the 2018 Transportation Report on Progress using Scribd.

2018 Report on Progress by City_of_Boulder on Scribd