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TMP Action Plan

TMP Action Plan

The Action Plan represents the next best steps toward reaching the community's transportation goals if additional funding becomes available. Pursuing and funding the Action Plan would approximately double the number of corridor segments that could be fully developed into multimodal environments.

These improvements would significantly change the experience by users of all modes, with intersection improvements moving vehicles more quickly, pedestrians and bicyclists having access to completed facilities, and transit service expanded to those areas expected to see the majority of land use change and mixed use development.

The combination of multimodal transportation investment and expected land use changes have the potential to create in other areas the kind of vibrant, interesting and pedestrian-friendly environment that characterizes the downtown. As reported in the Performance section, the strategic initiatives of the Action Plan are expected to move the community about halfway toward our transportation objectives for a third the cost of the Vision program.

The Action Plan assumes an additional $310.6 million will become available through various funding sources. While increases are proposed for the expansion of the bus pass program and travel demand efforts, the majority of the additional funds are targeted toward the needed capital improvements along the city's multimodal transportation corridors.

In addition to the Current Funding program, the Action Plan:

  • Provides increases in safety/ maintenance investments;
  • Increases regional emphasis by expanding actions to support a Boulder County transit vision and regional corridor improvements for all modes, including staffing support for regional coalition building;
  • Makes investments by priority corridor in additional corridors as compared to the Current Funding program and Complete Streets program;
  • Targets additional corridor segments which have Community Transit Network (CTN) service, higher density and redevelopment expectations;
  • Establishes organizing structures for public/private partnerships such as Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and Transportation Management Organizations (TMOs);
  • Increases funding of Special Transit to provide needed transportation opportunities for the growing aged population;
  • Maintains the current Community Transit Network (CTN) and provides two new services: the ORBIT and the LEAP;
  • Focuses Eco Pass program increases along priority corridors through TMOs;
  • Maintain city funding for high frequency local transit service to reflect expected cost increases;
  • Increases operations and maintenance funding by more than $1 million a year; and
  • Provides real-time roadway system information, transit information and carpool matching services.
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