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Confluence Area Multi-Use Path Projects

Next Steps for the Airport-Andrus Multi-Use Path project:

Details on April 26 - 30 closure of 61st/63rd Streets from Jay Rd. to Valmont Rd.

  • Local resident access ONLY (resident access maintained 24/7)
  • Construction flaggers on-site to direct traffic; follow detour routes
  • Residents - refer to postcard map for further details (you should receive this the week of April 19)

The Andrus Road to Airport Road Multi-Use Path project will provide a walking and cycling connection between Gunbarrel (63rd Street path) and central Boulder.

In Fall 2019, in preparation for path construction, the city coordinated with Boulder County to remove non-native trees in the right-of-way on 61st Street (north of Boulder Creek). Advanced utility relocation work was completed at this time as well.

The project team continues to engage with partner agencies and adjacent landowners to move this project forward. Both the negotiation of an agreement with an adjacent property owner and a number of unknown factors surrounding the City of Boulder response and recovery for COVID-19 continue to prove problematic to the project’s timeline.

Given these circumstances, the City will be segmenting the project into two phases. Phasing the project is helpful because budget and staffing cuts due to the COVID-19 virus are having a direct impact on our ability to deliver this and other projects

Phase 1 construction will begin January 18, 2021 and last three to four months, depending on weather. Travelers should expect delays on 61st street during construction of the at-grade pedestrian crossing. Visit for up-to-date information on construction and travel impacts. 

Phase 1 project construction will include:
View the phasing map for further details 

  • 10-foot wide multi-use path from the west side of 61st Street to Andrus Road (approximately half of the total trail length) 
  • At-grade pedestrian crossing of 61st Street
  • Pedestrian bridge over Fourmile Canyon Creek
  • Four drainage culverts and wire fence with wooden posts along both sides of the path

Phase 2 will complete the connection of the trail between Gunbarrel and Boulder’s urban center. Construction of this phase will begin once staff have finalized the previously-mentioned agreement with an adjacent property owner and once funding is available.

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Next Steps for the Valmont Road Multi-Use path project:

The Valmont Road Multi-Use Path will provide a connection from 61st Street to the South Boulder Creek Trail along an RTD rail alignment north of Valmont Road. The 10-foot wide concrete path will include an at-grade crossing on the east side of the Valmont Road and Butte Mill intersection to connect the path to 63rd Street.

Agreements with RTD regarding the path's alignment through their property were finalized in early 2020. The project team has completed the 30% design plans including the final alignment of the path (view here) and is currently working on final design and permitting. The path alignment (view contextual map herewas shared at the public information session on May 23, 2018 - view the "Previous Public Outreach" section below for more details. 

The anticipated construction start date for the project is 2023 .

Confluence Area Multi-Use Paths

Three multimodal connections between Gunbarrel and Boulder have been identified in the confluence areas of Boulder Creek and South Boulder Creek as well as Boulder Creek and Fourmile Canyon Creek ( view a map of the creeks of Boulder here)

  1. Andrus Road to Airport Road Multi-Use Path Project
  2. Valmont Road Multi-Use Path (61st Street to the South Boulder Creek Trail along an RTD rail alignment north of Valmont Road)
  3. 61st Street Multi-Use Path, Andrus Project to Valmont Road

These missing links, identified since the 1980s in the City of Boulder’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP), will provide improved bicycling and pedestrian facilities for residents, employees and visitors to the city.

Additionally, the project improvements support the following TMP goals:

  • Creating travel options through construction of multimodal facilities
  • Supporting regional travel

The first project to be constructed will be the Andrus Road to Airport Road Multi-Use Path project.

Andrus Road to Airport Road Multi-Use Path Project

Ask a question or send a comment about the Andrus Road to Airport Road Multi-Use project. You don't need to register, and comments can be submitted through the "Make a Service Request for Transportation Projects" button.

Project Description

The Andrus Road to Airport Road Multi-Use Path project is one of three City of Boulder transportation connections identified in the area of the confluence of Boulder Creek and South Boulder Creek and Boulder Creek and Fourmile Canyon Creek (Confluence Area), which will provide a much-needed multimodal connection between Gunbarrel and the city.  

The Andrus to Airport Path project will construct a 10-foot-wide, off-street, concrete multi-use path between Andrus Road and the Airport Road office park. The project will link to the existing path along the west side of 63rd Street in Gunbarrel to the existing path at Airport Road, improving the city’s system of multi-use paths, regional bicycling travel, and off-street and multi-use path connectivity between Gunbarrel and the Boulder urban center.

The proposed conceptual project design pdf was created through the collaboration of the city‘s Public Works and Open Space and Mountain Parks departments and between the city and Boulder County. The edges of the proposed path are a solid pink line, the centerline of the path is a dashed yellow line, the proposed fence is in red and the existing fence is in orange. 

Project Improvements

The Andrus Road to Airport Road Multi-Use Path project will provide the following improvements:

  • Construction of a new 10-foot, concrete multi-use path
  • Installation of fence to separate the new commuter bikeway from livestock that grazes on adjacent Open Space and Mountain parks land
  • Construction of an at-grade crossing at 61st Street along the proposed path alignment
  • Construction of a pedestrian/bicycle bridge over Fourmile Canyon Creek along the proposed path alignment

A similar multi-use path project which installed fence was constructed near 48th Street and Arapahoe Avenue. These photos provide an example of what the Andrus Road to Airport Road Multi-Use Path project will look like when complete:

Example image of a similar MUP and fence to the Andrus Road to Airport Road Multi-Use Path Project Example image of a similar MUP and fence to the Andrus Road to Airport Road Multi-Use Path Project

Funding Budget

The project budget is approximately $1.4 million and is funded with city transportation funds and a Colorado Parks and Wildlife 2019 non-motorized trails grant.

Previous Public Outreach

In April and May 2016, the project team met with adjacent property owners to discuss  project improvements .

The project land use application was reviewed and conditionally approved by the Boulder County Commissioners at their Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016, meeting. 

The project was featured at the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Future Choices Forum for Gunbarrel held on Monday, Jan. 9, 2017.

The project was presented as part of a staff update to the Open Space Board of Trustees at their Wednesday, April 12, 2017, meeting.

An information session was held on May 23, 2018 to present information on multi-use paths, projects and programs from Open Space and Mountain Parks, Transportation and Water Utilities, plus Boulder County Transportation, including:

  • Confluence Area paths
  • Open Space and Mountain Parks' completion of Boulder Creek Restoration work and their plans for additional work along lower Boulder Creek
  • City Water Utilities Division's evaluation of alternatives for the realignment of the city’s main wastewater interceptor sewer 
  • Information on Boulder County Transportation projects in the Confluence Area, primarily the RTD Rail Trail Master Plan that will assess the feasibility and alignment options for a soft-surface trail along RTD’s railroad right-of-way that crosses 61 st  Street just north of Valmont Road, and potential future traffic and bicycle safety improvements to the Valmont Road and 61 st  Street intersection

A summary of comments can be viewed pdf here.

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