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EcoPass Program

EcoPass Program

The EcoPass and NECO Pass are annual bus passes, valid through Dec. 31 of the current year. The NECO Pass is purchased by individuals in participating neighborhoods, the EcoPass is purchased by employers for full-time employees, with an option to include part-time employees. With a photo ID SmartCard, individuals and employees are entitled to unlimited rides on most regular RTD transit services, including the SkyRide service to Denver International Airport (DIA) at no charge.

The EcoPass (for business employees only) also includes the Guaranteed Ride Home program, which guarantees any individual with an EcoPass a free taxi ride home if they got to work using any transportation option (bus, bike, car/vanpool, etc.) and have to leave work to address an unplanned emergency. For more information on the EcoPass, visit

  • Boulder's Community Transit Network - HOP, SKIP, JUMP, BOUND, DASH, STAMPEDE and BOLT;
  • any local, express or regional RTD bus;
  • the "N" RTD bus route to Eldora Mountain Resort;
  • Light Rail; and
  • Call-n-Ride.
  • Employee morale and productivity increase due to reduced stress, fewer late arrivals and the ability to work while commuting.
  • Companies improve their ability to recruit the most skilled employees by expanding access to employees throughout the region.
  • Employers save money through tax benefits and reduced overhead costs associated with parking expenses and mileage reimbursements.
  • Employees save money and time spent for gas, parking, car maintenance, etc.
  • The community benefits from less air pollution and reduced traffic congestion.

The price of a business' employee EcoPass program is based on the following criteria:

  • the number of employees; and
  • the availability of transit services near the business location.

Businesses within the Central Area General Improvement District (CAGID) and/or the Downtown Boulder Business Improvement District (BID) Area tax district pdf or the University Hill General Improvement District (UHGID) pdf, with at least a 6 month commercial lease, are included in the City of Boulder Community Vitality Commercial District Sponsored Employee EcoPass Program. Visit the Boulder Commercial District EcoPass website or contact Lane Landrith at [email protected] or 303-413-7316.

To help estimate the cost of EcoPasses for your company (outside of the above commercial districts), visit or email Tracy Foster from Boulder Transportation Connections

City of Boulder will offer a reimbursement for any EcoPass contract to employers who have an employee that chooses to participate in GO Boulder's Employee Transportation Coordinator network. Discounts are based on your business' RTD contract. In addition, your company may be required to distribute a before-and-after transportation survey to employees, including some type of EcoPass promotion. Please visit or email Tracy Foster from Boulder Transportation Connections.

Companies with 11 employees or more
GO Boulder will rebate 50 percent of a company's first year contract and 25 percent of the second year contract for companies with 11 or more employees. The subsidies are given from January through March of each year.

Companies with 1-10 employees
GO Boulder will reimburse $60 per employee for a company of 1-10 employees for their first year contract and $30 per employee for their second year contract (not to exceed 50 percent of the first year contract cost or 25 percent of the second year contract cost). These reimbursements are given from January through March of each year.

If you are in the Downtown Boulder district, please visit the Downtown Boulder FREE EcoPass website or contact Lane Landrith at [email protected] or 303-413-7316.

Boulder County also supports businesses and neighborhoods that sign up for the RTD EcoPass program. As part of a federal grant to extend frequent and convenient transit service to Boulder County, the program offers discounts of up to 60 percent. For more information, visit Boulder County's EcoPass page or contact Jared Hall at [email protected] or 303-441-4958.

Can I purchase the EcoPass for myself of family members?
No, the EcoPass can only be purchased by employers for their employees as a group employee benefit package. Family members are not eligible; however, there is a Neighborhood Eco (NECO) Pass Program.

Can EcoPasses be purchased only for employees who ride the bus?
No, employers must purchase one pass for every full-time employee at a given work site. A business can choose to either exclude or include all part-time employees as well. EcoPasses are more economical per employee than purchasing monthly bus passes. The EcoPass encourages employees who don't use transit to become first-time riders.

Is an EcoPass less expensive than a monthly pass?
Yes! In 2010, it may cost over $1900/year to purchase a regional monthly pass.

What if I terminate my employment?
Your EcoPass is only good as long as you are an employee of an EcoPass employer. All passes must be returned to your employer upon termination, or employees/employers may be assessed a fee for non-return.

What if I lose my pass?
Report your lost pass to your employer as soon as possible. Lost passes cost $25 for a first-time replacement and $50 for a second. RTD will charge you for the lost/stolen pass when you obtain your replacement pass. If your pass is stolen and you present a police report to RTD, the fee for a first-time replacement will be reduced to $5. You will be required to pay a fee to your employer if your pass is lost upon termination.

How does the City of Boulder subsidize the EcoPass Program?
GO Boulder/City of Boulder will offer a reimbursement on any EcoPass contract to employers who have an employee on staff that participates in GO Boulder's ETC network. Please visit the ETC page for more information.