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Investment Policies

Investment Policies

The city shall generally give priority to transportation investments as follows*:

  • Highest priority - system operations, maintenance and travel safety;
  • Next priority – operational efficiency improvements and enhancement of the transit, pedestrian and bicycle system;
  • Next lowest priority - quality of life; and
  • Lowest priority - auto capacity additions (new lanes and interchanges).

* Note that within each priority level, all items are given equal weight.

Investment in modal enhancements will be integrated between all modes, focused in the designated multimodal corridors and prioritized by the ranked multimodal corridor segments.

As the street network is the primary infrastructure for all modes, it will be managed and expanded to balance its use by all the modes. Roadway capacity will not be added at the expense of the non-auto modes.

The city's transportation system includes all the modes and the resources needed for the sustainable operation of the system. Any consideration of the share of system funding from future growth will be based on this system.

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