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Path Maintenance

Path Maintenance

Multi-use Paths and Underpasses

The City of Boulder maintains an extensive network of paths for use by cyclists, pedestrians, and boarders. Transportation Maintenance crews inspect and sweep the multi-use paths weekly. In-depth inspections are completed quarterly and adjacent trees are trimmed annually.

Boulder Creek Path and Broadway Path

The Boulder Creek Path is maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department and the section of the Broadway multi-use path between Regent Drive and University Avenue is maintained by the University of Colorado (303-492-5522).

All other multi-use paths are maintained by City of Boulder Transportation Maintenance or the adjacent property owner.

Upcoming Construction

The city will soon begin work on the replacement of the Boulder Creek Multi-Use Path Bridge located just north of Arapahoe Avenue and east of Foothills Parkway.  

A new concrete decked steel bridge will be constructed just west of the existing bridge.  This will allow travel on the existing bridge during construction, minimizing impacts and detours to multi-use path users.  Deteriorated concrete paths from Walnut Street and from Arapahoe Avenue to the new bridge will also be replaced.

In order to complete this work, a total of seven trees, five ash and two willow, will need to be removed. Seven trees, shrubs and other plantings will be replanted within the project area upon completion of construction, per City of Boulder Wetland permit requirements.

Tree removals will occur on Monday, March 13, followed by construction of the bridge support structures (caissons and abutments).  Work will stop once the structure work is completed until Mid-May when the new bridge will be installed and the concrete path work will be completed.  

For more information, please contact Melanie Sloan, Transportation Division, at 303-441-4934 or by email at [email protected]

For the latest construction and traffic information, visit and follow @boulderconezone on Twitter.

Service Requests

To report a multi-use path maintenance issue that is an immediate public safety hazard, call 303-413-7100 between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. At any other time, please call Boulder Police dispatch at 303-441-3333.

To request maintenance on the Boulder Creek Path, call 303-441-3858 or Make a Service Request for Park Maintenance Issues.

For all other multi-use path maintenance issues, including vegetation issues along paths, underpass issues, and path surface issues, call 303-413-7100 or Make a Service Request for Multi-use Path Maintenance.

Snow and Ice Removal

Snow removal crews begin plowing the city's major multi-use paths at the same time as other crews begin plowing the major streets. The Boulder Creek and Broadway paths are plowed first, followed by the Foothills Parkway path and then other Greenways paths.

University of Colorado at Boulder (CU) facilities maintenance staff clears the section of the Broadway path between Baseline Road and University Avenue.

Path Sweeping

Path sweeping services include sweeping and cleaning multi-use paths to remove dirt, debris, and hazards to help increase safety, improve drainage, and reduce dust and air pollution.

Most of the work is accomplished using mechanical sweepers and hand cleaning is performed at inaccessible locations. Pressurized water may also be used in conjunction with sweeping.

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