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Missing Sidewalk Links Program

Missing Sidewalk Links Program

The Missing Sidewalk Links Program identifies, prioritizes, and constructs missing sidewalk segments to provide a continuous pedestrian network and ensure a safe walking environment. Construction of missing sidewalk links supports "Pedestrian Policy Plan of the TMP" (Transportation Master Plan) by eliminating breaks and discontinuities in the sidewalk system and ensuring adequate connections to transit.

Projects are identified by community members and then added to prioritized lists of "small" or "large" missing sidewalk links. Small projects cost less than $75,000 and are completed using funds from the city's Pedestrian Facilities budget. Large missing sidewalk link projects cost more than $75,000 and are prioritized and assessed for inclusion in the annual budget process.

The Transportation Division prioritizes construction of small and large missing sidewalk link projects based on several factors, including existing utility and roadway conditions. View the prioritized lists below.

Prior to beginning a missing sidewalk link project, the City of Boulder will inform adjacent property owners, residents and interested parties about the upcoming work.

Program Updates

2020 Missing Links Projects

Folsom & Taft: In a collaboration between the Missing Sidewalks Links Program and the Pedestrian Crossing Program, staff will install accessibility and safety improvements in a high-need location. The project scope will include the addition of curb ramps at the street corners where Taft meets Folsom as well as a center median refuge island crossing across Folsom, to provide a safer connection to the multi-use path parallelling Stadium Dr.

Grant Funds Awarded for Sidewalk Improvements at the 47th Street BNSF Railway Crossing

$500,000 was awarded to the city via the Colorado Department of Transportation, Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) to improve pedestrian crossing conditions at the 47th Street Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway railroad crossing. TAP funding is targeted at improving transportation choices for communities.  The TAP Grant funding will be used to construct a new sidewalk over the crossing, completing a missing pedestrian connection which is a number one priority in Boulder’s Missing Sidewalk Links Program. Awarded funding will allow for construction to take place in 2023.

Prioritized List of Large Missing Sidewalk Link Projects

 ​Missing Sidewalk Links Large Projects

Prioritized List of Small Missing Sidewalk Link Projects

Missing Sidewalks Links Small Projects