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Potential Reduction Strategy

Potential Reduction Strategy

While it is likely that long-term revenues will meet the $448 million forecast, the recent reductions in sales tax revenue has resulted in the need to develop a reduction strategy for lower transportation spending while maintaining integrity with program objectives. The principles of this strategy have been applied to the 2003 and 2004 transportation budget and will be used in the event of further revenue reductions. These principles are:

  • Maintain the integrity of the Transportation Prioritization approach previously developed by City Council in priority order:
    1. Maintenance and Operations - limited/ strategic reductions
    2. Scale back expansion of the multimodal system - focus reductions on projects which increase maintenance responsibilities
    3. Neighborhood enhancements - defer additional capital investments;
  • Achieve sustainable reductions over time, rather than one-time reductions;
  • Continue efficiency improvements, such as reducing service in technical support categories where appropriate; and
  • Maintain leveraged funded projects.
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