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Safe Streets Boulder: Vision Zero

Continuing to improve overall transportation safety is a primary objective for the City of Boulder. The 2014 Transportation Master Plan affirmed the city’s ongoing commitment to safety by establishing a new objective: Vision Zero (VZ) – to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities resulting from traffic collisions. This objective reflects a national and worldwide approach to innovate and use a data driven, interdisciplinary approach to improving safety for people using all forms of transportation throughout the community. 

The 2016 Safe Streets Boulder Report provides the
framework for the city’s Vision Zero safety initiatives 4 e's graphic that are designed to reduce collisions for people using all modes of travel, with the goal of achieving zero serious injury and fatal crashes.

Work continues in all of the E’s: Engineering, Education, Enforcement, and Evaluation to achieve these goals per the action items identified in the 2016 report, as well as subsequent initiatives associated with updating the city’s Neighborhood Speed Management Program and 2.0 low network planning.

The additional resources provided by City Council in 2017 as part of the annual priority-based budgeting process are providing the opportunity to accelerate the implementation of the VZ safety initiatives as well as begin the development of the city’s revitalized Neighborhood Speed Management Program.

Boulder Top Collision Locations Map & Vision Zero Strategies

Link to interactive story map

An interactive map of Boulder top collisions that involve motor vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians from 2012-2014 and Vision Zero strategies of engineering, education, and enforcement to reduce serious injuries and fatalities.

A new map of close calls is also featured in this interactive map to pinpoint any trends and identify possible mitigation measures.

Click to view the Boulder Top Collision Locations Map & Vision Zero Strategies



Vision Zero Community Partnership Committee

The Transportation Division has formed the Vision Zero Community Partnership Committee to foster on-going implementation of the city’s safety strategies in collaboration with the broader Boulder community. This committee brings together community stakeholders to foster partnerships and broad-based leadership on mitigation strategies to achieve Boulder’s Vision Zero safety goals. The committee includes representation from the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) as well as local, regional, and state-wide agency partners and is charged with providing input and offering feedback regarding the Safe Streets Boulder action plan and co-developing and disseminating VZ safety education and awareness messaging for the greater Boulder Valley community.


The following documents are Vision Zero progress updates prepared for the Transportation Advisory Board.