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Safe Streets Boulder: Vision Zero

The city is currently working on the 2019 Vision Zero Boulder: Safe Streets Report, which is a comprehensive analysis of traffic crashes in Boulder. The report includes updated crash data and trends, actions for safety improvements moving forward and an evaluation of strategies that have been used to improve safety.

Provide Feedback on the Draft 2019 Vision Zero Boulder: Safe Streets Report 

Provide your feedback on the draft of the 2019 Vision Zero Boulder: Safe Streets Report on Be Heard Boulder

Draft Documents 

Draft 2019 Vision Zero Boulder: Safe Streets Report pdf 

Draft Vision Zero Action Plan pdf Note: The Action Plan is included in the main report linked to above, but is also posted here for easy reference

2019 Vision Zero Boulder: Safe Streets Report Technical Appendix pdf 

The final 2019 Vision Zero Boulder: Safe Streets Report will be published in July 2019. 


The 2014 Transportation Master Plan affirmed the city’s ongoing commitment to safety by establishing a new objective: Vision Zero (VZ) – to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities resulting from traffic collisions. This objective reflects a national and worldwide approach to innovate and use a data driven, interdisciplinary approach to improving safety for people using all forms of transportation throughout the community. 

To help track progress toward Vision Zero and the city's overall commitment to transportation safety, the city began publishing the Safe Streets Report in 2012. It measures crash data in Boulder, identifies trends, evaluates past safety improvement efforts and outlines additional strategies that can help the city reduce crashes and achieve our Vision Zero goal of eliminating all fatalities and serious injuries caused by traffic crashes. View the latest edition of the report: 2016 Safe Streets Boulder Report