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Staying the Course

Progress While Experiencing Significant Growth

As part of the initial plan assessment phase of the TMP update (known as phase 1), an extensive inventory was done on what had been accomplished under the current policy direction since 1990. This inventory looked at the programs that have been established and facilities built under this policy direction.

These include:

  • Increased the roadway maintenance budget by $500,000 a year starting in 1997;
  • Implemented a major signal system upgrade and improved signal system timing in all major corridors;
  • Established the CTN with six (6) current services and an additional service starting in 2004;
  • Established the GO Boulder program of education, marketing and pass programs such as the Eco Pass, with 60,000 Eco Passes in the community;
  • Constructed 11 bicycle/pedestrian underpasses;
  • Completed repairs and access ramps in seven (7) out of 29 Sidewalk Improvement areas and constructed more than 32 miles of new sidewalks; and
  • Completed one-fifth of the projects in the Bicycle System Plan.

The results of these investments and other characteristics of the community produce travel behavior in Boulder that is quite different from travel behavior in the rest of the region. Boulder has a significantly higher use of the non Single Occupant Vehicle modes, resulting in a vehicle-miles-of-travel (VMT) increase that is about one-fifth that of the region. Since 1994, these differences have avoided about 1 million miles of daily vehicle travel in the Boulder Valley.

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