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Street Sweeping

COVID-19 and City Maintenance

Construction and maintenance are classified as essential services. The city is committed to community safety and is proactively taking steps to keep the community and city staff safe. The city's construction and maintenance projects will continue due to several factors, including financing, contract deadlines and public need. To follow social distancing guidelines, essential city staff, including maintenance staff, are reporting to work in smaller numbers and in staggered shifts. For your safety and adherence to the stay-at-home order, do not approach construction zones or workers. Staff will be prioritizing urgent issues during this time and non-essential maintenance may experience a delayed response. We appreciate your patience and look forward to continuing to serve the community. For the latest information on the city’s response to COVID-19, visit .

The City of Boulder routinely performs street and bike path sweeping. Street sweeping services include sweeping and cleaning streets and gutters to remove dirt, debris, and hazards to increase safety, improve drainage, and reduce dust and air pollution. Most of the work is accomplished using mechanical sweepers and hand cleaning is performed at inaccessible locations. The city only performs street sweeping on roads maintained by the city.

For street sweeping requests on Boulder County roads, please contact the county directly at 303-441-3962.

To view a map of the City's street sweeping zones, including dates of sweeping, Visit Here.

Street Sweeping FAQ's:

When will my street be swept?  We sweep residential streets 2 to 3 times per year. Residential sweeping is weather dependent. If we have a late or early winter, we will not be able to sweep every residential street 3 times. Our street sweeping webpage has a public-facing interactive map that details areas that have recently been swept as well as providing future scheduled dates for street sweeping.

I want Public Works to call me when they plan to sweep my streetDue to the volume of requests we receive, it is not feasible for staff to make calls prior to sweeping.

Cars were still parked on the street when the sweeper came by. Can the city do anything about this?  We do on occasion post “No Parking” signs along areas with heavy debris and heavy on-street parking. This is a time consuming process to adhere to Boulder Revised Code and usually does not result in every car being removed. When cars remain parked in the no parking area, our staff notifies Parking Services who attempt to locate vehicle owners. If Parking Services is unsuccessful at locating the owners they will notify a towing service to relocate vehicles away from our work zone. Relocations are costly, and funded by the sweeping department. Due to recent budget reductions, relocating is not feasible and it sets a precedent that we will not enforce our no parking areas, further reducing compliance.

Why does the sweeper swerve away from the curb when there is not a car parked in that spot?  Our street sweepers are tall and overhanging tree branches can cause extensive damage to the cab and other components. If our operators encounter a tree branch that they believe will damage the vehicle, they will steer away from the curb to avoid the branch.

I heard the sweeper go by and ran out to move my car. Can the sweeper come by my house again?  Depending on the amount of debris the operator is encountering they might only make one pass on each side of the street. Returning to sweep where one or several cars moved from reduces efficiency and can put the sweeping program behind schedule. Please visit our street sweeping webpage to access our interactive residential sweeping map.  This map provides details on scheduled sweeping dates for all residential areas to help inform residents of when to expect their neighborhood sweepings.

Why are you not sweeping my street during the winter?  During winter months we are focused on meeting our air quality commitment to the Denver Regional Council of Governments by sweeping priority snow routes following storm events. This effort allows us to focus on arterial corridors which inherently have on-street bicycle facilities. We are dedicated to providing safe travel around our multi-modal transportation system to all users, and ice melt material can pose added hazards to bicycle traffic. Additionally, residential areas tend to be shaded and gutter debris is typically frozen during the winter. Our sweepers are unable to break frozen debris loose and residential sweeping is generally ineffective during the winter.