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Transportation Master Plan (TMP)

We are updating the Transportation Master Plan!
The 2013 TMP Update is a year-long community planning effort to advance and innovate Boulder transportation to be more accessible and sustainable for generations to come. This master plan update integrates with the city’s Sustainability Initiatives and Climate Commitment to create a better community and world.

Transportation Master Plan Overview

The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) provides the policy basis for how transportation funding is spent, and what projects or programs the city focuses on to provide transportation services for its citizens through the year 2035. The TMP sets these projects and programs within the context of the broader community goals to protect the natural environment and enhance Boulder's quality of life. The City of Boulder's TMP was first adopted in 1989 and was later updated in 1996, 2003 and 2008. While the city tries to update its master plans about every five years (update process), the TMP and this Web site are intended to be a "living" plan and will be updated as needed.

Since the 2003 update, the TMP has contained several investment programs. The fiscally constrained investment program shows how the city expects to use the revenue resulting from current funding sources (see the Transportation Funding report). The Complete Streets investment program represents a strategic investment program connecting the community to the regional FasTracks transit improvements and requiring a modest increase in funding. The Action Plan illustrates how the city would invest in the next steps of developing a multimodal transportation system if additional revenue becomes available.

With the 2003 TMP Update, the city established the TMP website as a more accessible, user friendly, cost-effective and informative presentation of the community's transportation direction. This site contains all the material from the 2003 and 2008 TMP documents that were adopted by the City Council as well as extensive background material developed through each update process. As this is the city's first presentation of a Web-based master plan, the site is still in a development mode and will continue to be improved, based on user comments and suggestions. In addition, the site contains the interactive Map It application allowing anyone with a Web browser to explore the existing and planned transportation system.

City Council has also approved a refined minor amendment process for the 2003 TMP. This amendment process addresses what are considered to be "house keeping" or administrative amendments and minor facility changes to the TMP. The amendment process identifies different amendment types and suggested associated reviews. By being able to make minor adjustments to the TMP periodically, staff can keep the TMP, including the online mapping component and website, in agreement with existing conditions and real-world changes that occur as a result of development and other city planning efforts. It will also save staff time and financial resources during any needed major updates.

For more information, please contact Kathleen Bracke, GO Boulder Manager, or Randall Rutsch, Senior Transportation Planner.

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