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Transportation Master Plan (TMP)

Transportation Master Plan (TMP)


The City of Boulder is currently preparing the 2018-2019 update to its Transportation Master Plan (TMP). The TMP is the guiding policy document for the city of Boulder's transportation system. The TMP is organized around five focus areas:  Complete StreetsRegional TravelTransportation Demand ManagementFunding , and  Sustainability . Learn more about the background of the TMP by clicking the Current (2014) TMP button above.

The 2018-2019 TMP update will assess how far the city has come in meeting its mobility and sustainability goals since the last version of the TMP was released in 2014 and will establish transportation policy and investment priorities for the future.

Latest News and What's Ahead

Question of the Month

Visit Be Heard Boulder and answer the Question of the Month! This question will be updated monthly throughout the TMP Update process. This month, we are asking the community their thoughts on Driverless Vehicles and other Advanced Mobility technologies. Head over to Be Heard Boulder and tell us your thoughts!

Transportation Advisory Board Meeting - Monday September 10, 2018 at 6:00pm

Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) will hold their next meeting on 9/10/2018. The public is invited and there is a general public comment opportunity at the start of the meeting. The meeting is a monthly update on the Transportation Master Plan with the presentation at this meeting highlighting Transportation Funding (subject to change).

City Council Study Session - Tuesday October 23, 2018 at 6:00pm

Study Session on Transportation including Vision Zero/Safety and Transportation Master Plan Update

Stay Tuned for More Feedback Opportunities

The 2018-2019 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) Update is currently in the Technical Analysis/Alternatives stage of the update process. This stage includes community engagement, technical work in the TMP focus areas, analysis of alternatives and policy recommendations. View the process timeline here.  

The Transportation Advisory Board will host the Community Engagement Process for the 2018-2019 TMP update process, which will include community conversations, open houses and other opportunities to provide feedback on the update.

Ways to Get Involved

Visit Be Heard Boulder and provide your input on the city's transportation system. Throughout the 2018-2019 Update, the project team will ask the community specific questions in the form of surveys, map exercises, and other input opportunities.

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Previous Events

Connecting People and Places: Transportation Master Plan Launch


On Wednesday, March 21, 2018, the c­ity launch­ed a communi­ty dr­iven update to Boulder' s Transportati­on on Master Plan (TMP) at the Millennium Harvest House. The event included an interactive open house and featur­ed nat­ional visionaries on sustai­nable transportation, regional mobi­l­ity and emergi­ng technolog­ies.

Click here pdf to view the information boards presented at the event.

Video Recording of Speakers Panel

Panel speaker bios are provided below, followed by the time in the video to view each speaker' s presentation:

Jeremy Klop , Director of Strategy at Fehr & Peers, led LA citywide Mobility Plan 2035 - 20 mins 00  Jeremy' s Slides pdf

Jeffrey Tumlin , principal and director of strategy at Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates, author of Sustainable Transportation: Tools for Creating Healthy, Vibrant and Resilient Communities - 45 mins 45  Jeffrey' s Slides pdf

Kevin J. Krizek , Professor of Environmental Design and Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, Fulbright Scholar and researcher on cycling, co-author of The End of Traffic and the Future of Access: A Roadmap to the New Transport Landscape - 1:09 hour  Kevin' s Slides pdf

Francie Stefan , Mobility Manager for the City of Santa Monica, leads the citywide Strategic Goal to Create a New Model of Mobility 1:30 hour  Francie' s Slides pdf

View all speaker presentations as a single  PDF  here pdf (large file).

Advanced Mobility Forum

On Oct. 18, 2017, the City of Boulder and the Boulder Chamber  sponsored an open house and panel discussion featuring  discussions with national practitioners and researchers on the cutting edge of these technologies. This is just the start of the conversation about  how advanced mobility will continue to impact how we move around - and how we plan for the future - in Boulder and the region.  Visit the event page to learn about the speakers featured, and be sure to  check out the video!


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